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पासाङ डोल्मो[सम्पादन]

अब adv. now, from now on

int. yes

अऋणी adj. free from debt

अङ्क n. numeral, digit, issue, number [of a periodical], mark [in an examination], score, points [in a game],

अकड n. insistence, obstinacy, stubbornness, persistence

अकडो adj. obstinate, stubborn

अकण्टक adj. free from trouble,

अकथनीय adj. inexpressible, indescribable, inexpressible, obscene, indecent

अकथ्य adj. inexpressible, indescribable, inexpressible, obscene, indecent, filthy, unutterable

अकपट adj. guiltless, frank, open

अङ्कपत्र n. label, fillet

अकबर n. name of the third Indian Moghul Emperor

अकबरी adj. related to Akbar, pure, unadulterated

अकबरे adj. pungent chilli, extraordinary hot

अकमकाउनु v.i. to hesitate, to pause

अकमक्क adj. confused, baffled, disconcerted, dumbfounded, perplexed

अकमक्क पार्न v.t. to be confused, to be baffled, to be in a quandary, to be taken aback, to be disconcerted, to be rattled, to hesitate, to pause

अकरणीय adj. improper, unfit to be performed

अकर्ण deaf, having no ear

अकर्तव्य adj. improper, unfit to be done

अकर्न n. official record, document, list of official records

अकर्म n. unnecessary act, wicked

अकर्मक adj. intransitive

अकर्मण्य adj. idle, useless, good for nothing

अकर्मी n. a do nothing, sinner, evil- doer, rogue, villain

अकल्पनीय adj. unimaginable, unthinkable, inconceivable

अकवत n. duty, God

अकस्मात adv. suddenly, accidentally, unexpectedly, all of a sudden

अंँकाइ n. estimate, evaluation

अकार्थ adj. without cause, pointlessly, in vain

अङ्कित adj. marked, written, endorsed, encounted

अङ्कुरण n. germination, beginning

अकुरो n. shoot, seedling, bud, fresh shoot of a plant

अङ्कुश n. hook

अकेलो adj. alone

अक्कल n. knowledge, cleverness, thought

अक्कली adj. clever, intelligent

अक्कासिनु v.i. to fly up

अक्कासे adj. sky-blue

अक्षर n. letter [of the alphabet], [written] character, [except numerals], alphabet, syllable

अक्षांश n. latitude

अक्सर adv. often, frequently, usually, many, a lot

अक्सिजन n. oxygen

अखबार n. newspaper

अगति n. decline, lack of progress

अगल–बगल adv. from left to right, on both sides

अगल्नु v.t. to adopt, to accept, to follow, to embrace, to hug

अगाडि postp. in front of, before, ahead, toward the front, first

अगाडि बढाउनु v.t. to lead forward

अगाडि बढ्नु v.i. to advance, to move forward

अगाध adj. unfathomable, bottomless, deep

अगार n. cinder, ember, the black substance of charcoal

अगालो n. hug, embrace, armful, the bent arm

अङ्गीकृत adj. adopted, agreed, promised

अङ्गीकृत नागरिकता n. adopted citizenship

अङ्गीकृत नेपाली नागरिकता n. adopted Nepali citizenship

अङ्गुर n. grape

अङ्गुल n. finger, a finger's breadth

अङ्गुली प्रतिमुद्रा n. finger impression

अङ्गुली मुद्रा n. fingerprint, nameprinted ring

अगुल्टो n. piece of burning wood

अगुवा n./adv. leader, leading

अङ्गूर n. grape

अंँगेठी n. iron or clay vessel to carry fire, portable fireplace

अंँगेना n. fireplace, hearth

अंँगेनो n. fireplace

अगोछा n. towel, napkin

अग्नि n. fire

अग्निकाण्ड n. fire, conflagration

अङ्ग्रेज n. Englishman, Westerner, white man

अङ्ग्रेजी n./adj. English, British, English language

अग्लो adj. tall, high

अग्ल्याउनु v.t. to lock, to pull to [a door]

अघाउनु v.i. to be satisfied with eating

अघाडि in front of, before, toward the front, first

अघि already, before, previously, formerly, facing, in front of, ago,

अघि नै adv. already, long ago

अघि लाग्नु v.t. to go first, to go ahead, to lead, to guide

अघि सर्नु v.i. to advance, to volunteer, to incite, to instigate

अघि–अघि a long time ago, in times gone by

अघिल्तिर adv. in front of, facing

अघिल्लो adj. first, former, front, anterior,

अघिसम्म adv. until recently

अङ्क n. numeral, digit, issue, number [of a periodical], mark [in an examination], score, points [in a game], act [in a drama]

अङ्क र अक्षर figure and letter

अङ्क र अक्षरले बोलाउनु to call by figure and word

अङ्क-गणित n. arithmetic, mathematics

अङ्कमाल n. embrace

अङ्ग पुग्नु to be the procedure complete

अङ्ग-रक्षक n. body guard

अङ्ग-रक्षा n. protection of body

अङ्ग–भङ्ग n. mutilation of a limb

अङ्ग–भङ्ग गर्नु v.t. to amputate, to dismember, to mutilate

अङ्गच्छेद n. amputation

अङ्गीकार n. acceptance

अङ्गीकार गर्नु v.t. to accept, to follow

अचम्म n. surprise, wonder, amazement

अचम्म पर्नु v.i. to be surprised, to be amazed, to be astonished

अचम्म पर्नु v.t. to surprise, to amaze, to astonish

अचम्म लाग्नु v.i. to be surprised, to be amazed, to be astonished

अचानक adv. suddenly, abruptly, unexpectedly

अचानु n. cutting board for meat

अचानो n. cutting board for meat

अचार n. hot and sour pickle, pickles, chutney, salsa

अचारण n. conduct, behaviour, practice

अचेठ्नु v.t. to discipline, to impress, to press, to push with force

अचेल adv. these days, nowadays, recently, presently

अच्चेर n. letter [of the alphabet], [written] character, [except numerals], alphabet, syllable

अछुत adj. untouchable, of lowest caste

अछुती n. untouchable, lowest caste

अछुतोद्धार n. reformation of untouchables

अजङ adj. huge, very big, enormous, formidable

अजात adj. outcaste, low caste, not born

अजातशत्रु adj. having no enemy

अजान adj. ignorant

अज्ञात adj. unknown, secret, obscure

अझ adv. still, yet, moreover, now

अझै conj. even then, even now

अञ्चल n. zone

अञ्चल अदालत n. zonal court ancal

अञ्चल न्यायाधीष n. zonal judge

अञ्चल प्रशासन n. zonal administration ancal

अञ्चल सभा n. zonal assembly

अञ्चलाधीश n. zonal commissioner

अञ्जली n. the open palms of the hands held together and slightly cupped, a double handful, offering in worship, tribute

अञ्जुली n. the open palms of the hands held together and slightly cupped, a double handful, offering in worship, tribute

अटल adj. firm, irrevocable, resolute, unwavering, steadfast, still, unmoving

अटाइनु v.i. to fit into, to be contained

अटाउनु v.i. to fit into, to be contained

अटुट adj. unbroken, continuous, continual

अटूवा n. ginger

अटेरी adj. headstrong, obstinate

अट्टालिका n. balcony, verandah

अठचालीस adj. forty-eight, 48

अठतीस adj. thirty-eight, 38

अठसठ्ठी adj. sixty-eight, 68

अठहत्तर adj. seventy-eight, 78

अठार adj. eighteen, 18

अठासी adj. eighty-eight, 88

अठ्याउनु v.t. to catch firmly, to seize, to clutch, to grasp firmly

अडाउनु v.t. to support, to hold up, to stop

अडिनु v.i. to stop

अडुवा n. not castrated animal

अडेरी n. castor-oil plant

अड्कनु v.i. to get stuck, to be stopped, to be halted

अड्कल्नु v.t. to guess

अड्काउनु v.t. to cause to stick

अड्डा n. office; court of law

अड्नु v.i. to stop, to cease moving

अढाइ बजे adv. half past two

अढाइनी n. the senior woman in a palace harem

अतः conj. hence, therefore, thus

अंतग्र्रस्त adj. involved

अंतर्देशीय adj. inland, domestic antardeshiya

अंतर्देशीय जलपथ n. inland waterways antardeshiya

अंतर्देशीय पत्र n. inland letter antardeshiya vanijya

अंतर्वासन n. internship, confinement within prescribed limits

अंतर्वासित adj. interned antarvasit

अंतर्वासित गर्नु v.t. to intern

अंतर्वासी n. internee

अति adj. very much, exceeding, extremely, beyond

अंति n. ultimatum

अतिक्रमण n. infringement, contravention, violation

अतिथिघर n. guest house, guest chamber

अतिथिशाला n. guest house, guest chamber

अतिरिक्त adv. extra, additional, excessive

अतीत n./adv. past, gone

अतृप्ति n. insatiability, lack of appeasement

अत्तर n. scent, fragrance

अत्यन्त adj. a lot, much, very much, exceedingly, utterly, extremely

अत्याचार n. atrocity, tyranny, excess, outrage, oppression

अत्यावश्यक adj. very necessary, essential

अत्युक्ति n. hyperbole, exaggeration

अथवा conj. or

अथ्र्याउनु v.t. to make sense of, to understand

अदालत n. law court

अदुवा n. ginger

अद्वित्तिय adj. unparalleled, second-to- none

अधम adj. mean, low, wretched, base, vile

अधर्म n. sinfulness, irreligiousness

अधिकार n. right, authority, procession, proprietorship

अधिकारी n. officer, one having authority, magistrate, proprietor

अधिकृत adj. authorised, vested with authority

अधिबेशन n. session, meeting, sitting

अधिराज n. supreme ruler, sovereign, overlord

अधिराजकुमार n. prince

अधिराज्य n. sovereignty, empire, kingdom

अधेरी adj. dark, gloomy

अधोगति n. fall, downfall, degradation

अध्यक्ष n. chief, master, director, chairman, superintendent, supervisor

अध्ययन n. study, learning, tuition, perusal

अध्याय n. chapter, section, canto

अध्यारो n./adj. dark, gloomy, sad, darkness, ignorance, gloom

अनगिन्ति adj. countless

अनन्त adj. infinite, endless

अनर्सा n. a kind if sweet bread made of rice flour, sugar and butter

अनलमय adj. fiery

अनवरत adj. unceasing, constant

अनशन n. fasting

अनाथ adj. uncared for, orphaned

अनादरवाची adj. non-honorific [ling.]

अनादि adj. having no beginning, self- born

अनार n. pomegranate

अनि conj. and, then, and then

अनिकाल n. famine

अनिच्छित adj. undesired, unwished for

अनिल n. wind

अनिवार्य adj. inevitable

अनुकूल adj. favourable, agreeable, friendly

अनुक्रमणिका n. contents, list of contents

अनुगमन n. follow-up

अनुदान n. grant

अनुपस्थित adj. absent

अनुप्रास n. alliteration

अनुभव n. experience, feeling, sensation

अनुभवि adj. experienced

अनुभूति n. real knowledge, experience, sensation

अनुमति n. permission, consent, assent

अनुमान n. inference, guess, presumption

अनुरूप adj. resembling, corresponding, similar, analogous, congruous

अनुरोध n. request, entreaty, prayer

अनुरोध गर्नु v.t. to request, to ask for, to pray

अनुवक्ता n. translator

अनुवाद n. translation, immitation

अनुवार n. face, countenance

अनुशासन n. discipline, instruction

अनुसन्धान n. research, investigation

अनुसरण n. compliance, accordance

अनुसार postp. according to, in accordance with, equivalent to, in conformity with

अनेक adj. several, many

अनौठा adj. queer, unusual, extraordinary

अनौठो adj. queer, unusual, extraordinary, strange, peculiar

अनौतिक्ता n. immorality

अन्कनाउनु v.i. to hesitate

अन्ठाउन्न num. fifty-eight, 58

अन्ठानब्बे num. ninety-eight, 98

अन्डा n. egg

अन्त n. end, conclusion anta

अन्त गर्नु v.t. to end, to finisch

अन्तर n./adj. difference, interval; inner, inter-

अन्तरविरोध n. self-contradiction, inner contradiction

अन्तराल राज्य n. buffer state

अन्तरीक्ष n. space, universe

अन्तर्गत adj. included, comprised

अन्तर्मुखि adj. introvert, inward-looking

अन्तर्राष्ट्रिय adj. international

अन्तर्वार्ता n. interview

अन्तस्थ देश n. buffer state

अन्तिम adj. last, final, conclusive, ultimate

अन्तिस adj. last

अन्तै adv. elsewhere

अन्त्य n./adj. end, last run

अन्त्येष्ति n. the last rites after death, funeral ceremony, obsequies

अन्दाजी adv. appropriately, about

अन्धकार n. darkness

अन्धभक्त n. blind follower, superstitious person

अन्धा adj. blind

अन्धोपन n. blindness

अन्न n. grain, food

अन्न-भण्डार n. granary

अन्भाउनु v.t. to say good-bye to the couple in marriage, to send away a bride

अन्माउनु v.t. to say good-bye to the couple in marriage, to send away a bride

अन्य adj. other

अन्यत्र adj. elsewhere, somewhere else, in some other place

अन्याय n. injustice

अन्वेशण n. exploration

अपची adj. undigested, undigestible

अपढ adj. illiterate, unlettered

अपनाउनु v.t. to adopt, to make use of, to apply

अपरझठ adv. suddenly, surprisingly, all of a sudden

अपराध n. crime, offence, guilt, fault, sin

अपराधी n./adj. criminal, wrongdoer

अपरिचित adj. unknown, unfamiliar

अपशोच n. regret, sorrow

अपहरण n. abduction, kidnapping, usurpation

अपील n. appeal, contradiction, objection

अपूर्व adj. new, strange

अप्रकाशित adj. unpublished

अप्रत्याशिक adj. unexpected, sudden

अप्सरा n. nymph, fairy, spirit

अफिसर n. officer

अबेर adj. late aber

अबेर भयो comp. it is late

अबेला n./adj. lateness, late

अब्यवस्था n. disorder

अभय n. lack of fear

अभाव n. non-existence, absence, lack, scarcity

अभिनय n. mimicry, imitation

अभिप्रेत adj. planned

अभिप्रेरित adj. motivated

अभिभावक n. guardian

अभियान n. expedition, march, exploration

अभियुक्त adj. accused

अभियोग n. accusation, allegation, charge

अभिराम adj. extremely beautiful, sublime

अभिरुचि n. inclination, earnest desire, liking

अभिलेख n. inscription

अभिवृद्धि n. development

अभ्यास n. practice

अभ्रक n. mica, talco (a soft mineral)

अभ्रख n. mica, talco (a soft mineral)

अमर adj. immortal, undying

अमरकोश n. (a Sanskrit dictionary compiled by Amar Singh)

अमला n. a kind of fruit [sour-sweet]

अमानव adj. inhuman

अमान्य adj. unaccepted, unobeyed

अमिलो adj. sour

अमीर adj. wealthy, rich

अमीरी adj. wealthy, rich

अमूल्य adj. priceless, invaluable amurta

अमृत n./adj. elixir, nectar; immortal

अमोल adj. priceless, invaluable

अम्खोरा n. brass pot for drinking from, tumbler

अम्बा n. guava

अरब num. one billion,

अराजकता n. anarchy

अरू adj. another, more, either, further

अरू कोही someone else

अरे (reported speech marker)

अर्को adj. another, next, second

अर्ती n. advice, counsel, lesson, instruction, precept, moral lesson, admonition

अर्थ n. finance, wealth, nmeaning, significance, import, interpretation, explanation

अर्थ-मन्त्री n. minister of finance

अर्थदण्ड n. fine

अर्थशास्त्र n. economics, political economy

अर्थात adv. that is to say, in other words, i.e.

अर्पनु v.t. to offer up, to dedicate

अलकत्रा n. asphalt

अलङ्कार n. embellishment

अलमलिनु v.i. to be bewildered, to be amazed, to be confused

अलि adj. a bit, a little, few

अलिकति adj. a little, a small quantity

अलिलो adj. lacking salt, tasteless

अलैंची n. cardamom

अल्ग्याउनु v.t. tho lift, to raise, to release, to set free

अल्झनु v.i. to get caught up in

अल्झाउनु v.t. to entangle

अल्पमत n. minority

अल्मलाउनु v.t. to confuse, to lead astray

अल्लारे n. rover

अल्सी adj. lazy, idle

अवकाश n. free time

अवधि n. periode, time, limit, term, duration

अवनति n. decline, downfall

अवरोध n. obstruction, hindrance, impediment, restraint, taboo

अवलम्बन n. support, reliance

अवलोकन n. look, gaze

अवश्य adv. certainly

अवसर n. opportunity, chance, occasion, scope

अवसर पाउनु v.t. to take a chance

अवस्था n. condition, state, age, phase, despondency

अवहेलना n. neglect, disdain, contempt

अवहेला n. neglect, disdain, contempt

अविकसित adj. undeveloped

अविच्चिन्न adj. uninterrupted, continuous

अविवेकपूर्ण adj. without reason, for no reason, unfounded

अविश्वास n. distrust, disbelief, non- confidence, suspicion, doubt

अंश n. share, division, fragment, ingredient, contribution, element, portion, clause, sub-clause

अंशको हक n. heirship, right to the paternal property

अंशदान n. contribution, donation

अंशधर n. share-holder, heir

अशान्ति n. lack of peace, unrest

अशिक्षा n. illiteracy

अशिक्षित adj. uneducated, unlettered, illiterate

अंशियार n. co-heir, sharer, partner

अशुद्ध adj. impure

अश्लील adj. indecent, vulgar

असंख्य adj. innumerable, countless, beyond number

असंगति n. incoherence, irrelevance, absurdity, irrationality, incompatibility, anomaly

असत् adj. evil, bad, non-existent, illusory

असन्तुष्ठ adj. dissatisfied, discontented, displeased, reluctant

असन्तुष्ठि n. dissatisfaction

असफल adj. unsuccessful, failure

असभ्य adj. uncivilised, uncultured

असमय n. untimeliness, bad or unfitting time

असमान्ता n. inequality

असम्भव adj. impossible

असर n. effect, influence, mark, authority

असल adj. real, true, pure, unadulterated, morally good

असली adj. real, genuine

असहमति n. disagreement, dissent, discordance

असहाय adj. helpless

असाढ n. Asadh or Asar, third month of the Nepali year [June- July]

असाधारण adj. unusual, uncommon

असाध्य adj. very, extremely

असामयिक adj. inopportune, untimely, inconvenient

असार n. Asadh or Asar, third month of the Nepali year [June- July]

असी eighty, 80

असीम adj. boundless, unlimited

असीमित adj. boundless, unlimited

असूविधा n. inconvenience

असोज n. Ashvin or Asoj, fifth month of the Nepali year [September-October]

अस्ट्रेलियन n. Australien

अस्ताउनु v.i. to set [sun, moon or star]

अस्ति adv. the day before yesterday, recently, the other day

अस्तिको बिहीबार last Thursday

अस्तित्व n. existence, being, entity

अस्थिपन्जर n. skeleton

अस्पताल n. hospital

अस्पष्ठ adj. not clear, indistinct, vague, dim, obscure, blurred, ambiguous

अस्पष्ठता n. lack of clarity, uncertainty, haziness

अस्वभाविक adj. unnatural

अस्वस्थ adj. unhealthy.morbid

अस्वीकार n. non-acceptance, rejection, refusal, denial

अह int. no

अहङ्कार n. arrogance, conceit

अहिले adv. now, this time

आइतवार n. Sunday

आइपुग्नु v.i. to arrive

आइमाई n. woman

आउनु v.i. to come

आकर्षण n. attraction

आकस्मिक adj. sudden, abrupt, accidental, casual

आकांक्षा n. wish, desire, intention

आकाङ्क्षा n. aspiration

आकार n. size, shape, form, outline

आकाश n. sky, space

आकाशे तार–मार्ग n. cable railway

आकाश्वाणी n. radio broadcast

आकृति n. size, shape, form, outline

आकृष्ट adj. attracted, drawn, charmed

आक्रमण n. attack, invasion

आँखा n. eye

आँखाको नानी n. pupil

आँखीभूइ n. eyebrow

आखिर adv. at last, eventually

आँगन n. yard, courtyard, house, home

आगामी adj. coming, forthcoming, ensuing

आगे adj. before, future, in furute

आगो n. fire

आग्रह n. desire, longing, craving, zeal, urging, insistence

आग्लो n. latch, bolt

आघात n. blow, assault

आघी n. storm, whirlwind, hurricane

आघौं adv. next year

आङ n. part, body, portion, limb, procedure

आचार n. conduct, behaviour

आज adv. today

आज बिहाना comp. this morning

आजकाल adv. nowadays

आजभोलि adv. nowadays

आजीवन adj. throughout life, for a whole life-time

आज्ञा n. order, command, instruction, permission

आज्ञाकारी adj. obedient

आँट्नु v.i. to dare, to take the risk

आठ num. eight, 8

आठ n. courage, boldness

आठा n. wheat flour

आठौं adj. eighth

आड n. support, prop

आडम्बर n. conceit, ostentation

आतङ्क n. fear, terror, panic, phobea, suffering

आतङ्कित adj. terrified

आतुर adj. sick, wounded, impatient, anxious

आत्तिनु v.i. to be frightened, to be nerveous

आत्मनिर्भर n. self-dependence, self- support

आत्मविभोरता n. fascination

आत्मविश्वास n. self-confidence

आत्मसम्मान n. self-respect, self-regard

आत्महत्या n. suicide, self-murder, self- killing

आत्मा n. mind, heart, intellect, soul

आत्माबोधक adj. reflexive [linguistics]

आत्माभिमान n. self-respect, self-esteem

आदरणीय adj. respectable, deserving honour

आदरणीय सदस्य n. honorary member

आदरवाची adj. polite

आदर्श n. ideal, value

आदान–प्रदान n. giving and taking of things, exchange, social communication, give and take

आदि n./adj. beginning, primary, origin, first, basic; etcetera, etc.

आदिकवि n. first poet, pioneer poet

आदिकाब्य n. first epic, Ramayana

आदिकारण n. first cause, fundamental cause

आदिकाल n. primeval time

आदिजाति n. tribe, tribal, autoethon

आदितयवार n. Sunday

आदिवासि n. aborigine, original inhabitant

आदेश n. order, instruction, command

आधा adj. half

आधार n. foundation, basis, support

आधारभूट adj. basic, fundamental

आधारात n. midnight

आधारित adj. based upon

आधि n. storm, strong wind

आधियार n. sharer of half the land or crop

आधी adj. almost a half

आधुनिक adj. modern, recent, current

आनन्द n. happiness

आनन्दी adj. happy

आन्तरिक adj. interior, inner, internal

आन्दोलन n. agitation, riot, movement

आन्द्रा n. entrails

आप n. mango

आपस n. those close to oneself, relatives

आपसमा adj. among each other, among themselves

आप्रवासी n. immigrant

आफै adv. self, personally

आफ्नू adj. one's own

आफ्नो adj. one's own

आबद्ध n./adj. bound, tied up confined

आभास n. glimpse, shadow, reflection, vision, faint memory, inkling

आम adj. common, general

आमदानी बढाउने n. income generating

आमनिर्वाचन n. general elections

आमा n. mother

आमाजू n. husband's elder sister

आमै n. grandmother [rural]

आम्दानी n. income

आयरल्याण्ड n. Ireland

आयाराम गयाराम n. frequent defectionist

आयोग n. commission

आयोजना n. project

आरक्षण n. reservation

आरम्भ n. beginning, start

आराम n. comfort, rest

आरू n. peach

आरूबखडा n. plum

आरोप n. imputation, allegation, insinuation, accusation

आर्जे n. prophecy, prediction, forecast

आर्थिक adj. economic, financial arthik

आर्थिक महत्व n. economic importance

आलस्य n. laziness, idleness alchi

आली n. ridge at the edge of a field- terrace

आलु n. potato

आलु ताछ्नु v.t. to peel off potatoes

आलुबखडा n. plum-tree

आलेख n. writing, script, anything written

आलोक n. enlightenment, light, brightness

आलोचना n. criticism, critique

आलोचनात्मक adj. critical

आल्मारी n. shelves, cupboard

आल्हाद n. delight, fulfilment

आवत–जावत n. coming and going, connection, transmigration

आवश्यक adj. necessary, needful, inevitable

आवश्यकता n. necessity, need, requirement

आवस्यक्त n. need, necessity, requirement

आवाज n. voice, sound, report, uproar

आवास n. dwelling, place of residence

आविष्कार n. discovery, invention

आश n. hope

आशंका n. suspicion, doubt, fear, dread

आशय n. meaning, aim, intention, purport

आशा n. hope

आशिष n. blessing, benediction ashis

आशिष दिनु v.t. to bless

आशीर्वचन n. blessing, benediction

आशीर्वचन n. blessing

आशीर्वाद n. blessing

आशीर्वाद n. blessing, benediction

आशु adj. quick, speedily, immediate, swift

आशुतोष adj. contended, easily pleased

आशू n. tear, teardrop

आश्चर्य n. wonder, surprise, astonishment

आश्चर्यलाग्दो adj. surprising

आश्रम n. hermitage, residential institute

आश्रय n. dependence, resort, reliance, retreat

आश्रित postp. depending on, relying on

आश्विन n. Ashvin or Asoj, fifth month of the Nepali year [September-October]

आसन n. seat, stool, office, post, posture, throne

आसन्न adj. imminent, impencing, near, close

आसपास adv. nearabout, nearby

आसमान n. sky

आसाम n. Assam

आस्था n. faith, reverence, veneration

आहत adj. struck, beaten

आहार n. food, diet

आहारा n. food, diet

इच्छा n. wish, desire

इच्छित adj. desired, wished for

इच्छुक adj. interested

इज्जत n. honour, status

इंट n. brick

इतर adj. other

इतिहास n. history

इतिहासकार n. historian

इतिहािसक adj. historical

इत्यादी conj. etcetera, etc.

इत्रिनु v.i. to be mischievous, to talk mischievously about sex

इन्क्लाब n. revolution

इन्डोनेसिया n. Indonesien

इन्द्रिय n. sense, sense organ

इमानदार adj. honest, faithful

इयरफोन n. earphone, hearing-aid

इरादा n. wish, desire, will, plan, intention

इलाका n. jurisdiction, possession, limit, area under control

इलाम n. Ilam (a district in Eastern Nepal)

इलामे n. inhabitant of Ilam

इशारा n. gesture, sign, indication, wink

इष्ट adj. wished, desired

इस्कुस n. a kind of vegetable

इस्पात n. steel

ईख n. jealousy, envy, vengeance ikh

ईख फेर्नु v.t. to take revenge

ईमान n. truth, belief, faith, honesty

ईमानदार adj. honest, trustworthy, faithful

ईमानदारी n. honesty, faithfulness, integrity

ईश्वर n. God, the Lord

ईर्ष्या n. jealousy, envy

ईर्ष्यालु adj. jealous, envious

उन्नु v.t. to wreath, to thread, to string, to pass a thread through a needle

उकाली n. upward gradient

उकालो n./adj. steepness, upward gradient; steep

उकाल्नु v.t. to lift

उकास्नु v.t. ro raise, to rouse

उकुसमुकुसाउनु v.t. to stifle, to cause claustrophobia

उकेल्नु v.t. to vomit, to spew out

उक्काउनु v.t. to break open, to initiate

उक्किनु v.i. to be selected, to be picked out

उक्त adj. mentioned, said

उक्ति n. statement, remark, a saying

उक्लनु v.t. to climb up, to ascend

उखान n. proverb, saying, aphorism

उखु n. sugar cane

उखेल्नु v.t. to uproot, to remove

उग्र adj. wrathful, angry, fierce

उघार्नु v.t. to open, to unlock

उघ्रनु v.i. to be opened

उचाल्नु v.t. to lift up

उचो adj. high

उच्च adj. high, lofty, upper, superior ucca

उच्च पर्वतीय adj. alpine

उजाड adj. deserted, isolated

उज्यालो adj. light

उठाउनु v.t. to wake up, to rouse, to cause to rise

उठ्नु v.i. to get up, to stand up, to stand

उडाउनु v.t. to cause to fly; to waste, to squander, to gobble

उडान n. flight, act of flying or fleeing

उडुस n. bedbug

उड्नु v.i. to fly

उता adv. there, thither

उतार्नु v.t. to cause to get off, to cause to descend, to help to descend, to take off (clothes)

उति adv. that much

उत्तम adj. supreme, best

उत्तर n. answer, reply; north

उत्तरदायी adj. responsible, answerable, accountable

उत्तराधिकारी n. heir, successor, inheritor

उत्तानो adj. flat on one's back

उत्तेजित adj. excited, quickened

उत्थान n. upliftment; progress, emancipation

उत्तिखेर adv. meanwhile, at that time

उत्पत्ति n. origin, production

उत्पादन n. production

उत्पीडक n. oppressor

उत्पीडित n. oppression, persecution, harassment

उत्पीडित वर्ग n. oppressed class

उत्रनु v.i. to get off, to descend, to float, to rise out of, to rise above

उत्रिनु v.i. to get off, to come down, to descend

उत्सव n. entertainment, festival, celebration, festivity

उत्साह n. enthusiasm, excitement

उत्सुकता n. enthusiasm, excitement

उथल–पुथल n. overturning, change

उदय n. rising, ascent, dawning

उदाउनु v.i. to rise (sun or moon)

उदार adj. high minded, munificent, generous, open-hearted, noble-minded

उदारता n. generosity, liberality, magnanimity, nobleness

उदारवाद n. liberalism

उदारवादी n. liberal, liberalist

उदाराशय adj. generous, high-minded, magnanimous

उदास adj. sad

उदासी adj. sad

उदाहरण n. instance, example, illustration

उदाहरणीय adj. exemplary

उद्गार n. exclamation, emotional statement

उद्देश n. desire, wish, intention, purpose

उद्देश्य n. aim, objective

उद्धार n. kindness, charity

उद्यत adj. ready, prepared, raised, brought up

उद्यमशील adj. industrial

उद्योग n. industry, enterprise, effort, diligence

उद्योगी adj. industrious

उधार्न v.t. to rip up

उधिन्नु v.t. to dig up, to pick out, to find out, to search, to select

उनन्चास num. forty-nine, 49

उनान्नब्बे num. eighty-nine

उनान्सत्तरी num. sixty-nine, 69

उनान्सय num. ninety-nine, 99 unasi

उन्चालीस num. thirty-nine, 39

उन्तीस num. twenty-nine, 29

उन्नत adj. risen, progressed, improved

उन्नति n. progress, rise, advancement, improvement, prosperity, elevation

उन्नतिशील adj. progressive

उन्नयन n. uplift, development

उन्नाईस num. nineteen, 19

उन्नायक n. uplifter, reformer, leader

उन्मूलन n. uprooting, destruction, eradication

उन्साठी num. fifty-nine, 59

उप–उष्णकटिबन्धी adj. subtropical

उपक्रम n. plan, programme, preparations, beginning, preamble, preface

उपचार n. remedy, medical treatment, care

उपज n. crop, produce, product

उपत्य n. valley

उपदेश n. instruction, counsel, lesson

उपनिषद् n. Upanishads (the theological part of the vedas)

उपनिषद्वाली n. (someone who is following the teachings of the Upanishads)

उपन्यास n. novel

उपभोक्त n. consumer, user

उपभोग n. enjoyment

उपमा n. comparison, simile, likeness

उपयुक्त adj. proper, suitable, appropriate

उपयोग n. use, utilization, application

उपयोगिता n. usefulness, utility

उपर postp. above, over, for

उपराष्ट्रपति n. vice-president

उपर्ना n. scarf, shawl

उपलक्ष्य n. sign, implication, ourpose, occasion

उपलब्ध adj. gained, felt, acquired, attained, available

उपलब्धी n. achievement, accomplishment

उपसभापति n. vice-chairman [of a meeting, organization or party]

उपसंहार n. conclusion, summary

उपस्थिति n. presence, attendance

उपहार n. present, gift

उपाख्यान n. legend, tale, episode (of a narration); proverb, sying

उपाधि n. title, attribute, designation, status

उपिया n. flea

उपेक्षा n. slight, indignity, neglect, disregard, contempt, scorn

उपेक्षित adj. neglected, ignored, discarded, disregarded

उफ्रनु v.i. to jump, to leap

उब्जनी n. production, productivity

उब्जनु v.i. to grow, to grow up, to be produced

उब्जाउनु v.t. to produce, to cause to grow

उब्रनु v.i. to be left over

उभयलि¨ n. double gender

उभिनु v.i. to stand up, to stand, to get up

उभ्याउनु v.t. to cause to stand, to raise up

उमार्नु v.t. to cause to sprout

उमाल्नु v.t. to cause to boil

उमेदवार n. candidate

उमेर n. age, length of life

उम्कनु v.i. to escape, to get free, to slip out

उम्मेदवार n. candidate

उम्रनु v.i. to sprout, to spring up, to grow up

उम्लनु v.i. to boil, to bubble up, to simmer

उराल्नु v.t. to instigate, to incite

उर्लनु v.i. to surge up, to rise up, to come in waves; to become angry

उल्टो adj. opposite, upside-down

उल्लंघन n. violation, contravention

उल्लास n. joy, delight

उल्लेख n. mention, reference, description

उल्लेखनीय adj. remarkable, worthy of being mentioned

उल्लेखित adj. written, mentioned

उषा n. dawn, daybreak

उसिÌन्नु v.t. to boil while cooking

उसो adj. like that, such

उहा pron. he, she [very polite]

उहिले adv. then, at that time, many years ago, long ago

ऊचाइ n. height, tallness, summit

ऊचो adj. high

ऊँट n. camel

ऊन n. wool

ऊनी कम्मल n. wollen blanket

ऋचा n. verse, hymn

ऋण n. debt, loan, due, obligation

ऋणी n./adj. debtor, indebted

ऋतु n. season of the year

ऋषि n. sage, saint, wise ascetic

int. hey! listen!

एउटा adj. one [non-human] euta tukra

एउठा टुक्रा a small plot of land

एक num. one

एक खेप adv. once

एक चोटि adv. once ek

एक छिन adv. for a moment, for a short time

एक न एक one or other

एक पल्ठ adv. once

एक बाजि adv. once

एक सय एक num. one hundred and one, 101

एक सय दुई num. one hundred and two, 102 ek saya

एकचालीस num. forty-one, 41

एकटक adv. incessant, continuous

एकता n. oneness, unity, union, sameness, solidarity

एकतीस num. thirty-one, 31

एकत्रित adj. united, gathered

एकदम adv. very

एकनास adj. similar, in the same way, monotonous, uniform, all the same

एकलै adv. alone, only

एकलौटी adj. monopolistic

एकसट्ठी num. sixty-one, 61

एकसरो adj. single, without cover, once

एकहक्तर num. seventy-one, 71

एकाअर्कालाई adv. each other

एकाउन्न num. fifty-one, 51

एकाकी adj. alone, solitary

एकातिर adv. to one side, on the one hand

एकादेशमा in any country

एकानब्बे num. ninety-one, 91

एकान्त n./adj. solitude, loneliness; alone, lonely

एकाबिहान adv. very early in the morning

एकासी num. eighty-one, 81

एकीकरण n. integration, amalgamation, unification

एकीकृत integrated, united, unified ekkai

एकेडमी n. academy

एकोहोरिनु v.i. to concentrate on one thing only

एक्काईस num. twenty-one, 21

एक्कासि adv. suddenly, at once, all at once

एक्कै चोटि adv. at the same time, at once

एक्लो adj. lone, solitary, alone, single

एघार num. eleven, 11

एघारौं adj. eleventh

एजन ditto, loc cit.

एप्रोच n. approach

एवं conj. and, as also

एवमस्तू adv. so be it; Amen

एशियाली adj. Asian

एसियायी adj. Asian

ऐंचाताना adj. out of control, controlled by outsideforces

ऐतिहासिक adj. historical

ऐन n. law, legal code, rule

ऐना n. mirror, looking glass, pane of glass

ऐसेलु n. yellow raspberry

ओइरनु v.i. to drop, to fall headlong

ओइराउनु v.t. to cause to drop, to cause to fall [in large quantity]

ओइरिनु v.i. to drop, to fall [in large quantity]

ओइरिनु v.i. to flow continually

ओइलाउनु v.i. to wither, to fade

ओइलिनु v.t. to be withered

ओकट्नु v.t. to occupy, to reserve, to hinder

ओखती n. medicine

ओखर n. walnut

ओगट्नु v.t. to occupy, to reserve, to hinder

ओछ्यान n. bed, bedding,sleeping-mat, quilt

ओछ्याउनु v.t. to spread bedding, to spread a rug,to spread a mat

ओझेल adj. hidden, screened off

ओठ n. lip, lips

ओढाउनु v.t. to cover up sombody else

ओढ्नु v.i./v.t. to cover oneself up; to wrap, to cover

ओढ्ने n. blanket, bedcover, bedroll

ओधान n. three-legged iron stand for putting a cooking vessel over a fire

ओर्लनु v.i. to comedown, to descend

ओर्लिनु v.i. to comedown, to descend

ओसारिनु v.i. to be moved from one place to another

ओसार्नु v.t. to move something from one place to another

ओहर दोहर n. the act of coming and going ohor

ओहोर दोहोर n. the act of coming and going

ओह्राल्नु v.t. to cause to descend

conj. and

औचित्य n. propriety, appropriateness, validity

औद्योगिक adj. industrial

औपचारिक adj. formal, ceremonial aupacarik

औपचारिक आदरवाची adj. formally polite [linguistics]

औंलो n. finger

औंल्याउनु v.t. to point at

औषधिपसल n. chemist's (shop), pharmacy, drugstore

औंसी n. new moon, last day of the dark half of the month

क, ख, ग, घ, ङ[सम्पादन]

कक्रिनु v.i. to become stiff by cold, to be numbed

कक्र्याउनु v.t. to make numbed

कङ्गाल adj. poor, penniless, penurious kanka

कचिंगल n. quarrel

कछुवा n. turtle, tortoise

कटहर n. jack fruit

कटाउनु v.t. to cause to be cut, to cause to be beheaded

कटौरो n. cup

कट्टर adj. diehard, orthodox

कठिनाई n. difficulty

कठिनु adj. difficult, hard, arduous, not easy

कठोर adj. hard, harsh, rigid, unkind, cruel

कडा adj. hard, harsh, cruel, unkind

कति pron. how much? how many?

कति बजे ? comp. at which time? kati

कति बज्यो ? comp. what's the time? kati

कति भयो ? comp. how much is it?

कतिमा ? comp. for how much? katinu

कथन n. utterance, narration, statement

कथा n. story, tale, fable, narrative katha

कथा हाल्नु comp. to tell a story

कथित adj. said, narrated, told

कदम n. step, footstep

कदर n. respect, value, appreciation

कन्चठ n. temple

कन्पारो n. temple

कपडा n. cloth, clothing, apparel, wear

कपाल n. hair of the head, head kapal

कपाल कोर्नु v.t. to comb the hair

कपाल नुहाउनु v.t. rinse hair

कप्नु v.t. to carve, to chisel

कफी n. coffee

कब्जा n. possession, occupation kacauro

कम adj. little, less, small

कमजोरी n. weakness, debility, deficiency

कमाइ n. income, returns, mode of earning

कमाउनु v.t. to earn, to acquire wealth, to cultivate

कमिलो n. ant

कमेज n. shirt

कमेरो n. white clay used in painting walls

कम्ता adj. less, insufficient, short

कम्ती adj. less, insufficient, short

कम्मर n. waist

कम्मल n. blanket

कर n. tax

करदाता n. tributory, tax-paying, tax- payer

कराई n. cooking pot [with a wide mouth]

कराउनु v.i. to shout

करामत n. miracle

करीब adv. almost, aproximately

करुवा n. brass pot with a spout

करेलो n. a bitter vegetable, bitter gourd

करोड num. crore, 10 million, 10.000.000

कर्तब्य n. duty, task

कर्म n. deed, act, work

कर्माचारी n. employee, officer

कलह n. quarrel, scramble, dispute, fray

कला n. art, craft, technics

कलाकार n. artist, technician

कलाकौशल n. state of being skilful

कलिलो adj. ender, soft, delicate, young

कलेजी adj. dark-red

कलेजो n. liver

कल्प n. era

कल्पना n. imagination, fiction,

कल्पनाशक्ति n. powers of imagination

कल्याण n. welfare, good

कल्याणकारी adj. propitious, auspicious, beneficial, good

कवि n. poet

कविता n. poem

कष्ट n. pain, distress, trouble, hardship

कसरी pron. how? in what way?

कसौंडी n. cooking pot [with a narrow mouth]

कस्तूरी n. muskdeer

कस्नु v.t. to tighten, to pull firmly

कस्ले लाग्यो ? comp. who has taken it?

कहलाउनु v.i. to be called, to be famous

कहा pron. where? in what place? kahan

कहा पनि adv. nowhere, not anywhere

कहानी n. saying, proverb, story kahile

कहिले कहीं adv. sometimes, from time to time

कहीं adv. wherever

कहीं कहीं adv. at some places, in many a place

काइयो n. comb

काउली n. cauliflower

काका n. father's brother

काकी n. father's brother's wife

काक्रो n. cucumber

काख n. position formed while sitting cross-legged on the floor, side of the body above the hip, lap

काखी n. arm-pit

काग n. crow, raven

कागती n. lime

काचो adj. raw, unripe, immature

काज n. work, duty, job, occupation

काजू n. cashew nut

काँटा n. fork

काट्नु v.t. to cut, to chop, to cancel

काडो n. thorn

काण्ड n. chapter, branch, incident

काध shoulder

काधिनु v.i. to be fatt [with eating]

कान n. ear

कानून n. law, regulation

कानून बमोजित according to the law, in conformity with the law

कानो adj. blind in one eye, one-eyed

कान्का लोती n. ear lobes

कान्छी n. last born female child, nice young girl

कान्छो n. youngest [of brothers]

कान्तिपुर n. Kantipur [an old name for Kathmandu]

काफल n. a fruit like strawberry but with a hard pit

काम n. work, duty, job, occupation

काम गर्नु v.t. to work

कामकाज n. business, occupation, work

कामदार n. worker, labourer, porter, helper

कामनु v.i. to tremble, to shiver

कायम adj. fixed, settled, firm, steady kayam

कायम गर्नु comp. to fix a date

कार n. car

कारखाना n. workshop, factory,

कारण n. cause, motive, purpose, reason, occasion, origin

कारा n. imprisonment, confinement

कारागार n. prison, jail

कारागृह n. prison, jail

कारादण्ड n. prison sentence

कारावास n. prison sentence

कारीगर n. artisan

कार्तिक n. seventh month of the Nepali year (October- November)

कार्य n. action, act, duty, occupation, profession, function, role

कार्य समिति n. working committee

कार्यकारिणी adj. executive

कार्यक्रम n. programme, schedule

कार्यपालिका n. executive

कार्यशाला n. workshop

कार्यान्वयन n. execution, implementation

कार्यालय n. workshop, office

काल n. time, period, era, age, season, death

कालिगड n. artisan

कालिज n. pheasant

काले n. a dark skinned human being

कालो adj. black

कालो दाल n. black lentils kalo

कालो मास n. black lentils

कासो n. bronze

काहिंलो n. fourth eldest [of brothers]

कि conj. or, either; word to denote interrogation or doubt

किट्नु v.t. to grind teeth, to gnash, to decide, to fix, to specify, to resolve

कित्ली n. kettle

किन pron. why?

किनभने conj. because

किनमेल गर्नु v.t. to go shopping, to buy

किन्तु conj. but, only, without

किन्नु v.t. to buy

किम्बु n. mulberry

किराया n. hire, rent

किलकिले n. uvula

किंवदन्ती n. rumour, hearsay, false report, popular talk, vague talk, tradition

किसम n. kind, sort, class, species

किसमिस n. raisins

किसान n. farmer, peasant

किसिम n. kind, sort, class, species

किस्ती n. tray

कीरा n. worm

कीरो n. insect, worm

कीर्तिमान adj. renowned, famous, celebrated

कुकुर n. dog

कुखुराको पोथी n. hen

कुखुराको भाले n. cock, rooster kukhurako

कुखुरी n. hen

कुखुरो n. chicken

कुचक्र n. intrigue, a secret plot

कुचो n. broom

कुच्याउनु v.t. to crush

कुटनैतिक क्षेत्र n. strategical area

कुटपिट n. beating, exchange of blows kutnaitik

कुट्नु v.t. to beat, to hit

कुण्ड n. pond, tank

कुद्नु v.i. to run

कुद्नु v.t. to hew, to carve

कुन adj. which, what

कुनचाहिं adj. which one?

कुन्नि adv. I don't know, perhaps, maybe

कुपोषण n. malnutrition

कुमारी n. princess, unmarried women

कुरा n. word, matter, affair, talk

कुराउनी n. milk boiled down till nearly solid

कुराकानी n. conversation, talk, chat

कुर्नु v.t. to wait,to attend

कुर्सी n. chair

कुल n. race, generation, family, clan, dynasty, parentage

कुवा n. well

कुशल n./adj. happiness, wellbeing; skilful, proficient, expert

कुशासन n. bad government, maladministration

कुसलधारे adj. torrential, heavy

कुस्ती n. wrestling kusti

कुहुनो n. elbow kuhunu

कूहिनो n. elbow

कृतज्ञ adj. thankful, grateful

कृषि n. agriculture

कृषि उत्पादन n. agricultural production

कृष्ण पक्ष comp. dark fortnight, the phase of the waning moon

के ? pron. what?

केटाकेटीमा comp. in childhood

केटी n. girl

केटो n. boy

केन्द्रित adj. centered

केरा n. banana

केराउ n. pea

केलाउनु v.t. to sift, to remove impurities

केवल adv. only, mere, all, whole

केश n. hair of the head

केसरी adj. saffron-coloured

केही adj. something

केही कुराको मतो मिल्नु comp. to agree upon, to arrange

केही कुरामा अनुरोध गर्नु comp. to ask for, to request

केही कुरामा मतो मिल्नु comp. to agree upon, to arrange

केही कूराको अनुरोध गर्नु comp. to ask for, to request

कैद n. imprisonment, jail kaid

कैद गर्नु v.t. to arrest

कैदखाना n. prison, jail

कैदी n. prisoner, captive, convict

कैफत n. statement, remark, description

कैफियत n. statement, remark, description

कैयु adj. innumerable, many, several

कैयौं adj. innumerable, many, several

कैलो adj. light-brown [hair]

कोइला n. coal

कोइली n. cuckoo

कोट n. coat

कोटा n. room

कोट्याउनु v.t. to prick, to scratch

कोतपर्व n. (a histsorical event: Jang Bahadur's coup of 1846 that brought the Rana family into power)

कोतपर्व पश्चात after the coup of 1846

कोदाली n. spade (with short handle)

कोदालो n. spade (with long handle)

कोदो n. a kind of millet

कोप n. anger, wrath

कोप-भाजन n. victim of anger

कोपिला n. bud

कोरिया n. Korea

कोर्नु v.t. to scratch

कोशिश n. endeavour, attempt, exertion, effort

कोशिश गर्नु v.t. to try

कोस n. a measure of length (distance of about 2 miles)

कोही adj. anybody, anyone, someone

क्यारे I suppose

क्रम n. series, chain, order, method

क्रमजोर adj. weak, ineffective

क्रमबोधक n. ordinal number

क्रमशः adj. step by step, by degree, serially, successively

क्रम्मा for this reason, so

क्रान्ति n. revolution, pace, movement, declination, invading, surpassing

क्रियाकलाप n. functions, rites, ceremonies

क्रियापद n. verb

क्रियायोगी n. adverb

क्वार्ट्ज n. quartz

क्षमता n. ability, capacity, might, power

क्षेत्र n. file, plot of land, area

क्षेत्रफल n. products of the land, field crops, area

खच्चर n. mule

खजुर n. date

खज्ञान n./adj. ignorance; ignorant

खडा adj. erect, upright

खडुकुलो n. a very large cooking vessel with rings on two sides to hold

खड्कुडो n. a very large cooking vessel with rings on two sides to hold

खण्ड n. part, section, chapter, division, piece, canto

खण्डन n. refutation, rebuttal, repudiation, denial

खण्डित adj. broken into pieces, split

खतम n. end, finish, conclusion, death

खनाउनु v.t. to cause to be dug

खनिज n. minerals

खनिज पदार्थ n. mineral product

खनिनु v.i. to be poured out

खन्नु v.t. to dig

खन्याउनु v.t. to pour out

खपत n. consumption, sale, demand

खप्पर n. skull

खबर n. message

खबरकागत n. newspaper

खम्बा n. pillar, pole, post

खरब num. 100 billion,

खराउ n. wooden sandal, wooden slipper

खराउनु v.t. to fry hard, to overparch

खरानी ashes, ash-coloured

खराब adj. bad, wicked, spoiled, naughty

खरायो n. hare

खरिड्नु v.t. to buy, to purchase

खर्च n. expense, expenditure, disbursement, oulay

खसाउनु v.t. to cause to fall

खसी n. castrated he-goat

खस्नु v.i. to fall, to die

खस्रो adj. rough, coarse, frank

खागत n. paper

खाची n. Khanchi [one of the former mini stets of western Nepal]

खाचो n. requirement, need, necessity

खाजा n. snack

खाजासाजा n. snack

खाट n. bed stead

खाद्यान्न n. food grains

खानि n. mine

खानु v.t. to eat

खाने कुरा n. food

खारिज adj. dismissed, rejected, discharged

खाला n. the outer layer of skin

खाली adj. only, mere, merely, alone

खाल्डो n. valley, ditch, trench, pit, hole

खास adj. real, true, particular, proper

खिचडी n. a mixture of rice and lentils cooked together

खिचलो n. interference, meddling; disturbance, quarrel, turmoil

खिचोलो n. meddling, quarrel, interference

खीर n. rice pudding

खुकुरी n. a Nepalesed curved knife

खुट्टो n. leg

खुडा n. a kind of sword, a kind of scimitar

खुड्किला n. steps

खुत्रुक्क n. the sound produced by little articles when dropped

खुम्चिनु v.i. to shrink

खुवाउनु v.t. to feed

खुशी pleasure, delight, cheerfulness, glad, happy

खुसी adj. happy

खेती n. agriculture, cultivation kheti

खेती गर्नु v.t. to till the ground, to carry out agriculture

खेती-पाती n. agriculture, cultivation

खेतीकमाइ n. agricultural income

खेद्नु v.t. to chase

खेर n. time, length of time, destruction, loss, waste

खेरि postp. during

खेल n. play, game

खेलाउनु v.t. to cause to play

खेलाडी n. player

खेल्नु v.t. to play, to act

खैरो adj. brown

खोइ pron. where (is it) ?

खोज n. search, quest, pursuit

खोजखबर n. trace, quest, search, enquiry

खोजी n. inquiry

खोज्नु v.t. to search

खोपो n. a small hole in the wall for keeping things

खोरिया n. uncultivated land, nature reserve

खोर्सानी n. chilli, hot pepper

खोलो n. small river

खोल्नु v.i./v.t. to open, to unfasten, to explain, to annotate

खोसुवा n. thieve, one who snatches

गगटो n. crab

गठन n. formation, construction; act of building,modelling or shaping

गड्डीनरसिङ adj. enthroned, installed as king

गड्यालो n. earthworm

गणतन्त्र n. republic, republican system of government

गति n. speed, motion, movement, condition, circumstance, position

गतिमान n. speed, movement, full motion

गतिविधि n. activity, movements, frequentation, state of things, position of progress

गतिशील n. speed, movement, full motion

गतिहारा adj. lazy, sedentary, idle, stagnant

गते n. date [according to the Nepali calendar]

गत्त adj. hopeless, having nothing

गत्तम adj. hopeless, having nothing

गत्वर adj. transitory, perishable, mortal

गथासो n. long tale of oneself, nonsense

गदगद adj. glad, happy, pleased, joyful

गदर n. mutiny, rebellion, revolt

गदा n. club, mace, bludgeon

गद्गद् thick mud or any thick substance, muddy, swampy

गद्दर n. mud, dirt, swamp

गद्दर–पोश n. door mat for rubbing off mud

गद्दा n. soft and thick bed, mattress gaddar

गद्दी n. throne, saddle cloth, cushion

गद्दु n./adv. a bear's cub; useless, good for nothing, worthless

गद्य n. prose, ordinary writing

गद्य-कविता n. prose poetry

गद्य-काब्य n. prose, belles lettres

गद्र्याक–गुद्रूक n. sound produced by the trampling of feet or hoofs

गन्द्र्याम्म n. terrible sound produced by the fall of heavy things

गधा n. donkey, ass

गधापच्चिसी n. adolescence, an unexperienced age

गनगन n. grumbling, murmuring, prattling

गनगनाउनु v.i. to grumble, to mumur

गनगनाहट n. grumbling, murmuring, prattling

गनथन n. idle talk, gossip, a long tale

गनथनाउनु v.t. to talk nonsense, to gossip

गन्जगोल n. confusion, topsy-turvey, chaos

गन्जी n. sweater, vest, jacket, undershirt

गन्जीफा n. a kind of playing cards or ist game

गन्ती n. number, reckoning, attendance

गन्दगी n. filth, dirt, impurity

गन्ध n. smell, odour, stink, scent, perfume

गन्धक n. sulphur, brim-stone

गन्धद्रब्य a sweet scented substance

गन्धर्व n. a celestian or heavenly musician, a class of demi- god

गन्धर्व-विवाह n. a kind of marriage by mutual agreement, love marriage

गन्धर्व-वेद n. science of Music

गन्धव-विद्या n. music, the science of music

गन्धाक्षत n. sandal-wood, tice, etc. for puja

गन्धिक n. the scent of perfumery merchant

गन्धी a perfumer, one who sells essences or scented oils, scented, perfumed, having a sweet smell

गन्नु v.t. to count, to reckon, to deem

गपशप n. prattle, tittle-tattle

गप्फड prattler, braggart, tattler

गमक्र्याउनु v.t. to clutch, to seize

गम्भीर adj. deep, grave, far down

गराउनु v.t. to cause to do

गरीब n./adj. poor, penniless, humble, needy

गरीबी n. poverty, penury, humility

गरेरै छाड्नु v.t. to perform at all cost

गर्जन-तर्जन n. threat, intimidation

गर्जनु v.i. to thunder, to roar, to bluster

गर्न छोड्नु v.t. to stop to do something

गर्न थाल्नु v.t. to start to do something

गर्न दिनु v.t. ro allow to do something, to cause to do something

गर्नु v.t. to do

गर्भ n. womb, foetus, embryo garerai

गर्मी n. heat, warmth

गलत adj. wrong

गलैंचा n. carpet

गल्ली n. lane, by-lane

गहत n. lentils

गहिरो adj. deep, profound, solemn

गहु n. wheat

गह्रुंगो adj. heavy, weighty

गह्रौं adj. heavy, weighty

गाई n. cow

गाईवस्तु n. cattle

गाउ n. village

गाउ विकास समिति n. Village Development Committee, VDC

गाउघर n. neighbour, villager

गाउनिवासी n. villager

गाग्री n. a metal water-vessel

गाग्रो n. a large earthenware or metal jar for water

गाजर n. carrot

गाजा n. marijuana

गाड्नु v.t. to bury

गाथा n. story, tale, verse, song, lay

गाथाकार n. author of a narrative tale

गायब adj. missing, vanished, dissappeared

गारो n. wall

गाला n. cheeks

गालि n. rebuke, abuse, reproof gali

गाली n. rebuke, abuse, reproof

गाली गर्नु v.t. to tell off, to insult

गास n. mouthful, morsel

गास्नु v.t. to join together

गाहक n. buyer, customer, purchaser

गाहकी n. buyer, customer, purchaser

गाह्रो adj. difficult, arduous, hard

गिजा n. gum

गिद्ध n. vulture

गिर्नु v.i. to fall, to drop, to come down, to be degraded

गीलो adj. soft, overripe, overcooked

गुठी n. a religious or benevolent society, trust, pledge

गुण n. quality, virtue, merit, attainment

गुणबोधक adj. qualitative [gram.]

गुन्द्री n. mat made of rice, wheat or corn-straw

गुन्द्रुक n. fermented and dried vegetables

गुप्त adj. obscure, hidden, secret, private

गुप्तचर n. spy, emissary

गुप्ती n. spy, detective

गुमराह adj. misled, astray

गुमाउनु v.t. to lose, to forfeit

गुरु n. spiritual teacher, master, guide

गुरुङ n. Tamu, Gurung [a Nepali nationality]

गुरुवार n. Thursday

गुलाफी adj. pink, rose-coloured

गुलियो adj. sweet, sugary

गृह n. house, abode, residence, dwelling

गेरु adj. ochre, red-brown

गैर सरकारी संस्था n. Non Government Organization, NGO

गैरप्रजातान्त्रिक adj. undemocratic, non- democratic

गैह्र adj. all, whole gainda

गोठ n. cowshed, byre

गोडमेल n. weeding, removal of weeds

गोड्नु v.t. to weed, to remove weeds

गोदाम n. godown, storehouse, granery

गोदावरी n. Godavari [a village in Kathmandu valley]

गोद्नु v.t. to beat severely

गोपालप्रसाद रिमाल n. Gopal Prasad Rimal [ a famous Nepali poet]

गोप्य adj. confidential, secret, private

गोबर n. cowdung [used as plaster on the floor of the house]

गोमन सर्प n. cobra

गोरु n. ox [castrated]

गोरो adj. fair-complexioned, white [skin]

गोली n. a small ball, bullet goli

गोली गाँठो n. ankle bone

गोलीद्वारा मृत्युदण्ड n. death penalty by shooting

गोलभेडा n. tomato

गोष्ठी n. symposium, small assembly, discourse

गोही n. crocodile

गौण adj. secondary, subordinate, indirect, inferior, expressing associate quality

गौंथली n. swallow

ग्रह n. planet, evil star, eclipse

ग्रहण n. acceptance, reception, act of receiving or holding

ग्राम n. village

ग्रेनाइट n. granite

ग्लास n. glass

घटक n. factor, component, constitutent, ingredient

घटना n. incident, event, accident, episode

घटाउनु v.t. to cause to decrease, to subtract

घटी adj. less, few, little

घट्ट n. corn mill, water mill

घट्नु v.i. to decrease, to lesson, to decline

घडी n. clock, watch

घण्ट n. clock, watch

घण्टघर n. clocktower

घन n. large hammer, cloud, solidity

घना adj. thik, dense, solid, grumous

घर n. house

घर हेर्नु to run the household, to do the housework

घरेलु उद्योग n. cottage industry

घाइते adj. hurt

घाउ n. wound, sore, hurt, injury, ulcer

घाटी n. throat, mountain pass, vale

घाँटी n. throat, mountain pass, vale

घाटु n. a Gurung dance

घाम n. sunshine, heat of the sun

घिउ n. melted butter

घुडा n. knee

घुम्नु v.i. to move about, to roam, to turn round, to go around

घूस n. bribe, emolument, graft

घैलो n. a large water-vessel, a huge pitcher

घोडा n. horse, pony, hammer of a gun

घोरल n. Himalayan wild goat

घोषणा n. declaration, proclamation, announcement

घोषणापत्र n. manifesto

घोषित adj. declared, proclaimed

घ्याम्पो n. a large clay jar, a store-jar

च, छ, ज, झ, ञ[सम्पादन]

चक्कु n. knife, cutting knife

चक्रमार्ग n. ringroad

चखाउनु v.t. to cause to taste

चटाउनु v.t. to cause to lick

चड्नु v.t. to mount, to go up, to ascend, to ride, to improve

चढाउनु v.t. to cause to ride, to offer [to superiors]

चढ्नु v.t. to climb, to mount, to ride

चन्दा n. donation

चन्द्रमा n. moon

चबाउनु v.t. to chew

चमडा n. skin, hide

चमेरो n. bat, vampire

चम्कनु v.i. to glitter, to shine

चम्काउनु v.t. to polish, to cause to shine

चम्किलो adj. bright

चम्चा n. spoon

चम्सुर n. [a kind of pungent vegetable eaten raw as herbal medicine]

चरण n. foot, leg, a quarter of a

चराउनु v.t. to make graze

चरित n. character, conduct, manners, behaviour, work, occupation

चरित्र n. character, conduct, manners, behaviour, work, occupation

चरो n. bird

चर्कनु v.t. to crack, to split, to break

चर्काउनु v.t. to cause to crack, to cause to split

चर्को adj. hard, bitter, heavy, difficult, loud, piquant. lively, excessive, high

चर्खा n. spinning wheel

चर्चा n. talk, enquiry, query, praise, remark, commendation

चर्नु v.i. to graze

चलन n. custom, habit, style, conduct

चलन गर्नु v.t. to use

चलाउनु v.t. to cause to move, to put to use, to move, to despatch

चलाक adj. clever, sly, cunning, shrewd

चलाख adj. clever, sly, cunning, shrewd

चलान n. despatch, consignment calan

चल्तीका adj. common, normal, in circulation

चल्नु v.i. to move, to be current, to be in use, to work, to flirt

चल्लो n. young chicken

चवन्न num. fifty-four, 54

चवाउनु v.t. to chew

चवालीस num. forty-four, 44

चहार्नु v.t. to loiter, to linger, to walk about, to spend time idly by moving about

चाख्नु v.t. to taste

चाँगुनारायण n. Changunarayan [an ancient site in the eastern part of the Kathmandu valley]

चाट्नु v.i. to lick

चाडै adv. soon

चाडो adj. quick, fast, soon, immediately

चाणक्य n. [name of Kautilya, the author of the ancient Arthashastra]

चादी n. silver

चानचुन adj. about, a little, miscellaneous

चाप n. arc, segment of a circle, semi-circle, rainbow

चामल n. husked but uncooked rice

चार num. four, 4

चारतर्फ adv. on all (four) sides

चारतिर adv. on all (four) sides

चारैतिर adv. on all (four) sides

चाल n. movement

चालिस num. forty, 40

चाहिनु v.i. to be necessary, to be required

चिउडो n. chin

चिउरा n. flattened rice, beaten rice

चिकित्सा n. treatment, remedy, medication, therapy

चिकित्सालय n. hospital, dispensary

चिजबिज n. goods, furniture, wares

चिट्ठा n. lottery, game of chance

चिट्ठी n. letter, written message

चिठी n. letter, written message

चितूवा n. leopard, panther

चित्त n. mind, feeling, spirit, heart, attention, memory, thought

चित्र n. picture, painting, illustration, image

चिनीया adj. Chinese

चिनाउनु v.t. to introduce, to cause to recognize

चिनारी n. identity, acquaintance, intimacy, familiarity

चिन्तन n. thinking, study, reflection, contemplation, meditation

चिन्ता n. woory, anxiety, care, concern, reflection

चिन्तित adj. sad

चिन्नु v.t. to recognize, to know, to identify, to distinguish

चिप्लो adj. slippery

चिमोठटनु v.t. to pinch, to nip

चिया n. tea

चिर्नु v.t. to split, to rip up

चिसो adj. cold, wet, moistened, damp ciso

चिसो पानी n. cold water

चिहान n. grave, graveyard, cemetry, tomb, burial ground

चीन n. China

चील n. eagle

चुचुरो n. peak, summit, highest point

चुटाइ n. beating, thrashing

चुट्नु v.t. to thrash, to beat

चुना n. lime

चुनाव n. election, selection

चुनावी adj. electoral

चुनौती n. challenge

चुम्नु v.t. to kiss, to caress

चुरोट n. cigarette

चुलेंसी n. a curved instrument for cutting and preparing vegetables for cooking

चुलो n. cooking place, stove

चुल्ठो n. plaited hair, interwoven hair

चुस्नु v.t. to suck

चुहिनु v.i. to drip, to leak

चुहुनु v.i. to drip, to leak

चूडा n. crown, crest

चूडामणि n. a kind of valuable ornament or jewel worn on the head

चूप लाग्नु v.i. to be quiet

चेतना n. intelligence, consciousness, animation, rationality, spirit

चेताउनी n. to warn

चेतावनी n. warning

चेत्नु v.i. to be conscious, to recover the senses, to be on the alert

चेपाङ n. Chepang [a Nepalese nationality]

चेलिबेटी बेचविखत n. girls trafficking

चेली n. female disciple, female pupil

चेहरा n. face, appearance, countenance

चैत n. twelfth month of the Nepali year [March-April]

चैत्र n. twelfth month of the Nepali year [March-April]

चोक n. courtyard

चोखिनु v.i. to be pure

चोट n. wound, bruise, hurt, mental agony

चोड–पत्र n. written consent of divorce, quitclaim

चोर n. thief, robber, swindler

चोर्नु v.t. to steal

चौका n. eating place surrounding the store

चौडा n./adj. width, breadth; wide

चौडाइ n./adj. width, breadth; wide caudha

चौतरिया n. member of the royal family

चौतर्फ adv. on all (four) sides

चौतारा n. sincere and benevolent member of the royal family

चौंतीस num. thirty-four, 34

चौंथो adj. fourth

चौपट्टै adj. exceedingly, exceptionally

चौबर adj. four times

चौबीस num. twenty-four, 24

चौरानब्बे num. ninety-four, 94

चौरासी num. eighty-four, 84

चौंसट्ठी num. sicty-four, 64

च्याउ n. mushroom

च्याख्ला n. ground corn

च्यात्नु v.t. to tear

num. six, 6 cha

छ पत्र adj. sixfold

छक्किनु v.i. to be deceived, to be astonished

छक्याउनु v.t. to tell lies, to deceive

छत्तीस num. thirty-six, 36

छन्थ्याल n. Chantyal [a Nepali nationality]

छन्द n. meter, prosody, intention

छपन्न num. fifty-six, 56

छब्बीस num. twenty-six, 26

छयानब्बे num. ninety-six, 96

छयालीस num. forty-six, 46

छयासी num. eighty-six, 86

छर्नु v.t. to scatter, to disperse

छलफल n. discussion, debate chalphal

छलफल गर्नु v.t. to discuss

छल्नु v.t. to deceive, to trick

छहारी छहत्तर shade, shelter, protection chahattar

छाउनु v.t. to cover, to roof

छाउरो n. cub, puppy, kitten

छाड्नु v.t. to leave, to leave out

छाता n. umbrella

छाती n. chest, breast, bravery, courage

छात्र n. scholar, disciple, pupil

छात्रावास n. hostel, boarding house, lodging

छाद्नु v.i./v.t. to throw up, to vomit

छानवीन n. selection, search, scrutiny, choice

छाना n. roof

छान्नु v.t. to choose, to select, to sieve

छान्ने n. filter, strainer

छापाखाना n. press, printing press

छापिनु v.i. to be published

छाप्नु v.t. to print, to publish

छाम्नु v.t. to touch, to feel

छाया n. shade, shadow, reflection

छाया n. shade, shadow, reflection

छाला n. skin

छिटो adj. quick, smart

छिंडी n. cellar, basement

छिमेकी n. neighbour

छिराउनु v.t. to cause to go through

छिर्केमिर्के adj. spotted

छिर्नु v.i. to go through, to bore through

छुटकारा n. release, freedom, rescue

छुट्नु v.i. to be left, to separate

छुनु v.t. to touch

छुरावाजी n. exchange of dagger-blows

छुवाछूत n. untouchability, contamination

छुस्कर n. tell-tale, backbiter

छेक्नु v.t. to stop, to hinder

छेत्री n. Chetri, Kshatriya [the second highest class (varna) of the Hindu social hierarchy]

छैटौं adj. sixth

छैसठ्ठी num. sixty-six, 66

छोटो adj. short, small, condensed

छोड्नु v.t. to leave, to leave out, to abandon, to relinquish, to give up

छोप्नु v.t. to cover, to hide

छोरी n. daughter

छोरा n. son

जग n. foundation, ground work

जंगल जमाउने काम n. afforestation, reafforestation

जंगल तयार पार्ने n. afforestation, reafforestation

जग्गा n. landland, field, estate

जङ्गली adj. savage, wild, beastly

जञ्जाल n. worldly domestic affairs, family, wife and children

जति adv. that much, about jativacak

जन-आंदोलन n. popular movement, people's movement

जन-जागरण n. popular awakening, renaissance

जनगणना n. census

जनचेतना n. ethnic consciousness, national consciousness

जनजाति n. ethnic group, nationality

जनजीवन n. public life, public living

जनतन्त्र n. people's democracy

जनतन्त्रवाद n. democracy

जनतन्त्रिक adj. democratic, democratical

जनता n. people, public, mass, mankind

जनपक्षीय adj. related to the people

जनप्रवाद n. hearsay, rumour, common talk

जनमत n. public opinion

जनवाद n. a political principle in which the supreme administrator must be elected by

जनश्रुति n. rumour, hearsay, common talk

जनसंख्या n. population

जनसमक्ष comp. in public

जनसहभागिता n. popular participation

जनस्वास्थ्य n. public health

जना n. (counting word for persons)

जनावर n. animal, beast

जनै n. sacred thread of a Bramhin

जन्म n. birth, life, nativity, production

जन्मथलो n. birth-place, place where born

जन्मदर n. birth rate

जन्मदाता n. father, progenitor, producer

जन्मनु v.i. to be born

जन्मभूमि n. birthplace

जन्माउनु v.t. to give birth to

जन्मेको adj. born

जप्नु v.t. to mutter prayers, to repeat mantra or prayer, to tell beads

जमा adv. tol, in sum, altogether

जमाउनु v.t. to make solid, to freeze

जमीन n. land, field

जम्नु v.i. to be frozen

जम्मा adv. tol, in sum, altogether

जय n. victory, conquest, triumph, gain, profit

जयप्रकाश मल्ल n. Jayaprakash Malla [the last Malla king of Kathmandu]

जरायो n. a kind of deer

जरीमाना n. fine, punishment, money penalty

जरीवाना n. fine, punishment, money penalty

जरुरी adj. urgent, immediate

जल n. water

जल-विभाजक n. watershed

जल-शक्ति n. water power

जलवायु n. climate

जलवायुको प्रभाव n. climatical influence

जलाउनु v.t. to set fire to

जल्नु v.i. to burn, to be kindled

जवान n. young man, youth

जवाफ n. answer

जवाफदेही n. responsibility, accountability, obligation

जवाब n. answer

जस्ता n. tin

जस्तै conj. as for example, i.e., like

जस्तो conj. as for example, i.e., like jasto

जस्तो देखिन्छ comp. it looks like

जस्तो सुनिन्छ comp. it sounds like

जहा pron. where

जहाज n. ship, vessel

जहान n. family, members of the family

जागरण n. awakening, wakefulness

जागीर n. employment, Job, service, monthly salary, wages

जाग्नु v.i. to wake up, to be alert, to be angry

जाच n. exam, test

जाच्नु v.t. to test, to examine

जाड n. beer

जाडो n./adj. coolness, winter, chill, cold

जात n. class, caste, kind, sort

जातपात n. caste system

जातिवाचक नाम n. generic term

जातीय adj. national, pertaining to the nation

जातो n. handmill for grinding corn etc.

जानकारी n. knowledge, information

जानिएको adj. known

जानु v.i. to go

जान्नु v.t. to know, to understand

जापान n. Japan

जाम n. congestion, dregs, rusts

जारी adj. proceeding, continued, current, in force

जाली n./adj. 1. forgerer, netting, web, film; imitated, forged

जिउदो adj. living, alive, lively

जिउनु v.i. to live

जित्नु to win

जिन्दगी n. life

जिब्रो n. tongue

जिम्मा n. responsibility, care, custody

जिम्मेवारी n. responsibility

जिरेल n. Jirel [a Nepalese nationality]

जिल्ला n. district

जिल्ला प्रमूख अधिकारी n. Chief District Officer, CDO

जिल्ला विकास समिति n. District Development Committee, DDC

जीउ n. body, person, frame

जीत n. victory, triumph, success

जीरा n. cumin

जीवजन्तु n. living being, animal

जीवजन्तु n. animal, living being

जीवन n. life, existence, animation

जीवनशैली n. way of life, habits, lifestyle

जीवनी n. life-story, biography

जुका n. leeches, tapeworms

जुक्तनु v.i. to be forthcoming, to be collected, to be united, to be entangled

जुगा n. moustache

जुट adj. group, party

जुटाउनु v.t. to collect, to gather

जुट्नु v.i. to be collected, to be united

जुठ्याउनु v.t. to get dirty, so soil

जुत्ता n. shoe, slipper, boot

जुन pron. which, whichever

जुनसुकै pron. whichever, whatsoever

जुनाफ n. presence

जुनार n. orange

जुनेलो n. large millet

जुम्रा n. lice

जुरमुराउनु v.i. to be active, to be alert

जुलुस n. procession, marching

जुवा n. game, gamble

जुवा खेल्नु to gamble

जुहार n. jewel, jewellery, gem

जून n. moon

जूनकीरी n. firefly

जेठ n. second month of the Nepali year [May-June]

जेठाजु n. husband's elder brother

जेठान n. elder brother' wife

जेठानी दिदी n. husband's elder brother's wife

जेठी सासु n. wife's elder sister

जेठो n. eldest [of brothers]

जेल n. jail, prison

जेहन्दार adj. intelligent, wise

जोई n. wife [rural]

जोख्नु v.t. to weigh

जोड n. power, strength; join, addition, total, the sum total

जोडी n. couple

जोड्नु v.t. to add, to join

जोत्नु v.t. to plow, to harness

जोबन n. youth, puberty, flower of youth

जौ n. barley

ज्ञान n. knowledge, intelligence, understanding, wisdom

ज्ञानी n./adj. learned, intelligent, informed, erudite

ज्ञापन n. memorandum

ज्यादा adj. too much, in excess, excessive

ज्येष्ठ n. second month of the Nepali year (May-June)

ज्योतिर्विद्या n. astronomy, astrology

ज्योतिष n. astronomy, astrology

ज्योतिषी n. astrologer, astronomer

ज्वाइ n. daughter's husband, son- in-law

ज्वादै adj. extremely

झगडा n. quarrel, dispute, squabble

झण्डा n. flag, banner

झन adv. more

झन झन more and more

झम्टनु v.t. to spring upon, to assault

झर्नु v.i. to fall, to descend, to go down

झलमल adj. bright, resplendent, brilliant

झल्कनु v.i. to mshine, to glitter, to glisten

झस्कनु v.i. to be startled, to get frightened all of a sudden, to feel sudden alarm

झागड n. Jhangad [a Nepalese nationality]

झाँट्नु v.t. to thresh (paddy), to rebuke

झिक्नु v.t. to take out, to take off jhinge

झिंगे माछा n. shrimp

झुक्नु v.i. to bow down, to stoop

झुण्डा n. group, assembly, bond

झूटो adj. untrue, false

झूठो adj. untrue, false

झोल n. broth, soup

झ्याल n. window

झ्यालखाना n. jail, prison

ट, ठ, ड, ढ, ण[सम्पादन]

टक n. reflection, light; gazing, staring; looking at the things with closing the eyes

टपरी n. a plate made of leaves, leaf-plate

टल्कनु v.i. to shine, to glitter, to sparkle

टल्किनु v.i. to shine, to glitter, to sparkle

टाउको n. head

टाकुरो n. summit, top, peak, apex

टाटु n. Taatto

टाटो n. mark, spot, scar, stain

टाढा adj. far (away)

टारी खेत n. terraced field

टास्नु v.t. to stick, to fasten, to join

टिक्नु v.i. to last, to remain, to endure

टिन n. tin

टिप्पणी n. note, annotation, comment, commentary, observation, critical remark

टिप्पणीकार n. commentator

टुक्रा n. a small piece,

टुक्रिनु v.i. to be divided to pieces

टुंगिनु v.i. to come to an end, to be finished, to be completed

टुपी n. pig-tail

टेक्ने लौरो n. staff, walking stick

टेनिस n. tennis

टेर्नु v.t. to obey, to respect; to pay attention

टोपल्नु v.t. to pretend, to make a pretext

टोली n. small group, btch, party, team

ठग n. cheat, knave, swindler

ठगाहा n. cheat, knave, swindler

ठग्नु v.i. to cheat, to deceive

ठण्डा मरुभुमि n. tundra

ठण्डा adj. cold, chilly

ठमाउनु v.t. to recognize, to know

ठम्याउनु v.t. to recognise, to know

ठाउ n. place, spot, opportunity

ठाना n. police station. police post

ठान्नु v.t. to think, to determine

ठिटी n. lass, girl, young women

ठिटो n. lad, boy, young man

ठीक adj. right, correct

ठूली आमा n. father's elder brother's wife, mother's elder sister

ठूलो adj. big

ठूलो बा n. father's elder brother, mother's elder sister's husband

ठूलो बुवा n. father's elder brother, mother's elder sister's husband

ठेक्नु v.t. to fix, to sum up, to appoint, to post

ठेल्नु v.t. push, press डडाल्नु n. back

डढ्नु v.i. to burn, to be burnt up

डम्फु n. a kind of drum

डर n. fear, dread, alarm, risk, danger

डरलाग्दो adj. dreadful, terrible, dangerous

डरले out of fear

डराउनु v.i. to frighten, to be frightened

डल्लो n. round thing, cloth, lump

डसना n. cotton rug for lying on, mattress

डाक्नु v.t. to call, to invite

डाड n. fine, penalty, punishment

डाडा n. hill, hillock, pole of a roof

डाडी n. pole, staff (of a palanquin)

डाडु n. ladle

डाडो n. hill, hillock, the pole of a roof

डाँफे n. the nine-coloured Himalayan pheasant [the National Bird of Nepal]

डालो n. basket

डेढ बजे adv. half past one

डेरा n. residence, booth, camp

डोको n. a big basket carried on the back

डोरी n. cord, rope

डोरेठो n. footpath, way to walk

ढकढक्याउनु v.t. to push down, to tap

ढकने n. rice fried in butter and cooked in milk

ढाक्नु v.t. to hide, to cover, to conceal

ढाचा n. design, way, method, make up, manner

ढाँट्नु v.i. to tell a lie, to deceive

ढाडस n. encouragement, hope, assurance

ढिकी n. a machine for husking rice

ढिंडो n. boiled flour paste

ढुक्क adj. free from axiety, secure

ढुंगा n. stone

ढूकुटी n. barn, storehouse, treasury

ढूकुर n. dove

ढोका n. door, gate, gateway

ढोल n. Drum

त, थ, द, ध, न[सम्पादन]

तकलीफ n. trouble, pain, affliction

तकिया n. pillow

तट n. shore, bank, beach, coast

तटस्थ adj. neutral, objective, indifferent

तड्कनु v.i. to walk speedily, to shout, to cry

तड्किनु v.i. to walk speedily, to shout, to cry

तताउनु v.t. to heat, to warm up

तत्तव n. truth; true state, essence, substance, the real factor of bringing things into existence

तथा conj. and

तथ्य n. truth, reality, substance

तनहु n. Tanahun [former mini-state; today district in western Nepal]

तनाव n. tension, tenseness, strain, tautness

तन्दा n. bed-sheet

तप n. penance, practice, heat, warmth

तमाखु n. tobacco

तमु n. Tamu, Gurung [a Nepali nationality]

तम्सनु v.i. to be forward, to be active

तयार adv. ready

तयार गर्नु v.t. to make ready

तयार हुनु v.i. to be ready, to make ready

तयारी n. readiness, preparation

तर n. cream

तर conj. but

तरङ्ग n. wave, whim, caprice; emotion, vibration

तरफ conj. towards

तरफ n. direction, side

तरीका n. method, manner, way, means

तरुण n. young man, youth, juvenile

तरुनो n. young man, youth, juvenile

तरुल n. yam

तर्क n. debate, discussion, argument

तर्कानी n. vegetable curry

तर्फ conj. towards

तर्फ n. direction, side

तर्फबाठ postp. on the part of, from

तर्बुजा n. watermelon tari

तल postp. down, below

तलक postp. upto, as long as

तला n. floor

तवर n. manner, way, mode, method

तसर्थ int. on account of that, from that reason, therefore

तस्कर n. smuggler

तस्करी n. smuggling

ताई n. flat iron pan

ताउ n. sheet of paper

ताक n. time, hour, opportunity, chance

ताजा adj. fresh, not stale; green, unfaded; recent

तातो adj. warm, hot

तातो पानी n. hot water, warm water

तान्नु v.t. to draw, to pull, to drag

ताप n. heat, warmth; mental sorrow, anxiety, regret

तापनि conj. although, nevertheless

ताप्के n. frying pan

ताबा n. copper

तामा n. copper

तामाङ n. Tamang [a Nepali nationality]

तारा n. star

तारीको साग n. mustard greens [small]

तारीख n. date [according to the western calendar]

तार्नु v.t. to deep fry

ताल n. lake

तालमेल n. co-ordination, concordance, harmony, agreement

ताला n. lock

तालिका n. list, key, table, schedule

तालीम n. training, teaching

तालु n. palate

ताल्चा n. lock

तिघ्रा n. thigh

तित्री n. a sour fruit [relished for pickle], tamarind

तिथि n. date [according to the astrological calendar]

तिनमा under it, under them, under there

तिनमा आघी भन्दा केही बढी a little bit more than half of them

तिब्बत n. Tibet

तिर postp. towards, in direction to

तिर्नु v.t. tp pay

तिर्सना n. desire for drink and food, thirst; desire, wish, ambition

तिहुन n. vegetable stew

ती pron. those

तीखो adj. sharp, pointed

तीन num. three, 3

तील n. sesame

तीस num. thirty, 30

तुरुन्त adj. immediate

तुलना n. comparison, similarity

तृतीय पुरुषवाचक n. third person [grammar]

तेईस num. twenty-three, 23 tekne

तेत्तीस num. thirty-three, 33

तेब्बर adj. thrice, threefold, three times, triplicate

तेलबीज n. oilseed

तेलहन n. oilseed

तेस्रो adj. third

तेस्रो ध्रुव n. third pole

तेह्र num. thirteen, 13

तैपनि conj. though, notwithstanding

तोक्नु v.t. to fix, to determine, to appoint, to decide

तोरी n. mustard

तोरीका फल देख्नु to be astonished

तौलनु v.t. to weigh, to compare

तौलिया n. towel

त्यतिको adj. that much, that big

त्यस ताक adv. at that time

त्यसप्रति adv. in this connection, concerning this

त्यसै adv. in that way, without any reason; free, vain

त्यसैले conj. therefore, so

त्यसो हुनाले conj. so, thus

त्यस्तो pron. such, that kind of, like that

त्यहा adv. there

त्याग n. desertion, abandonment

त्राण n. protection, defence, safety

त्रिचालीस num. forty-three, 43

त्रिपन्न num. fifty-three, 53

त्रिभुज n. triangle

त्रियाकलाप n. function, task

त्रियानब्बे num. ninety-three, 93

त्रियासी num. eighty-three, 83

त्रिसट्ठी num. sixty-three, 63 tritiya purus

त्रिहत्तर num. seventy-three, 73

थकाइ n. fatigue, weariness, exhaustion

थकाली n. Thakali [a Nepali nationality]

थर n. clan, tribe, subcaste

थर्काउनु v.t. to frighten, to shake

थलो n. place, land; levelled high place, table land

थाक्नु v.i. to get tired, to become tired, to be exhausted

थाना n. police station. police post

थानी n. pawn, stake, postponement

थाप्नु v.t. to establish, to erect, to place

थामी n. Thami [a Nepali nationality]

थारु n. Tharu [a Nepali nationality]

थाल n. plate

थाली n. small plate

थाल्नी n. beginning, commencement

थाल्नु v.t. to begin, to start, to commence

थाहा n. knowledge, information

थिच्नु v.t. to press, to crush, to squeeze

थिति n. arrangement, order, custom, regulation, usage

थिति-रिति n. arrangement, order, custom, regulation, usage

थुन n. Breast

थुनचोली n. Bra, Brassiere

थुनुवा adj. imprisoned, arrested thuprai

थुन्से n. a large close-meshed basket

थुप्रै आउनु v.i. to pour in, to swarm in

थुप्रो n. heap, mound, pile, crowd

थेग्नु v.i. to last, to persist, to endure

थोपो n. drop, speck

थोप्ले adj. spotted

थोर adj. less

थोरै adj. a little, few

दक्ष adj. dexterous, able, astute dakshin

दक्षिण कोरिया n. South Korea

दगुराउनु v.t. to cause to run

दगुर्नु v.i. to run, to hasten, to race

दनुवार n. Dhanuwar [a Nepali nationality]

दफा n. section of a law

दबाउ n. pressure

दमन n. suppression, oppression

दम्पति n. Couple, husband and wife

दयनीय adj. pitiable, arousing pity

दया n. kindness, favour, mercy, pity, sympathy

दया आउनु to pity, to feel pity

दरबार n. palace, royal court

दराज n. cupboard

दरिद्र adj. poor, needy, penurious

दरी n. cotton rug

दर्जन n. dozen

दर्जा n. class, standard, position, rank

दर्शन n. audience, appearance, vision

दल n. party, group, crowd

दलपति n. party leader, chief, commander

दलबन्दी n. party politics, group politics

दलबल n. the whole party, army, strenght

दलविहीनता n. independence from party, non-party

दलाल n. broker, tout, middleman

दलित n. Dalit, untouchable (as seen by the Bahuns)

दशक सर्वनाम n. demonstrative pronoun

दस num. ten, 10

दसी n. proof, evidence

दसौं adj. tenth

दस्तवेज n. document, deed

दह n. pond, lake

दही n. yoghurt

दाइ n. elder brother

दाउरा n. firewood, fuel, dried wood

दाजु n. elder brother

दाज्यू n. elder brother

दात n. tooth

दात मल्नु v.t. to clean teeth dant

दात मस्काउनु v.t. to clean teeth dantko

दात माझ्नु v.t. to clean teeth dant

दातको बुरुस n. tooth brush dantmanjan

दाता giver, donor, benefactor datri

दातृ संस्था n. donor agency

दान n. donation, gift, religious gift, contribution

दाबी n. claim, demand

दाया adj. right

दार्जीलिङ n. Darjeeling

दारिम n. pomegranate

दारी n. beard

दाल n. different kinds of lentils

दालचीनी n. cinnamon

दावा n. claim, demand

दास n. slave, servant, dependent

दासता n. slavery, servitude, bondage

दाहिने adj. right

दाह्री n. beard

दिउसो adv. at the day time

दिन n. day

दिनभरि for the whole day

दिनहु adj. daily

दिनु v.t. to give

दिवस n. day

दिशा n. direction

दीगो adj. sustainable

दीय adj. parliamentary

दीर्घ adj. large, wide, tall, huge, deep

दीर्घकालीन adj. sustained, chronic, long term

दुगुर्नु v.i. to run duhkhi

दुग्ध n. milky

दुग्धसार n. cheese

दुध n. milk

दुब्लाउनु v.i. to get thin, to be weak

दुब्लो adj. weak, thin, lean, skiny dubnu

दुरसचार n. telecommunication

दुरा n. Dura [a Nepali nationality]

दुराग्रह n. prejudice, improper attempt

दुर्गम adj. remote

दुर्ववहार n. misconduct, misbehaviour

दूत n. ambassador, massenger, courier

दूरदर्शिता n. far-sightedness, prudence, sagacity

दूस्ति adj. defective, corrupted, defiled, contaminated, polluted

दृस्टि n. sight, vision, looking

दृस्टिकोण n. viewpoint, visual angle

देखाउनु v.t. to show

देखि postp. from, after, owing to

देखिनु v.i. to be seen, to appear

देख्नु v.t. to see

देब्रे adj. left, reverse, opposite dedh

देवता n. god

देवर n. husband's younger brother

देवरानी n. husband's younger brother's wife

देश n. land, country, region

देशान्तर n. terrestrial longitude; foreign country

देशभक्त n. patriot

देशभक्ति n. patriotism

देशरक्षा n. national defence

दैलो n. door, gate, passage, entrance

दोक्लो adj. double

दोबर adj. double, twice, twofold

दोषी adj. defective, faulty, guilty, sinful

दोस्रो adj. second dravyavacak

दोहोरी adj. pertaining to both sides

दौडाहा n. touring, travelling, inspection

द्ययि ब्यवस्था n. parliamentary affairs

द्योतक adj. making clear, showing, manifesting, enlightening, indicating

द्रब्यवाचक नाम n. material noun

द्वाद n. couple, duel, quarrel

द्वारा postp. from, by

द्विज n. twice-born, Brahman, oviparous

द्वितीय पुरुष वाचक n. second person [ling.]

द्वितीयार्ध n. second half

धन n. wealth, property, riches dhan

धनिया n. coriander dhaniyanko

धनियाको साग n. coriander green

धनी adj. rich

धन्धा n. occupation, business, profession

धपाउनु v.t. to drive away, to chase

धमदेव n. Dharmadeva [a Licchavi king, father of Manadeva I]

धमिलो adj. dim, not clear, dirty, muddy

धम्की n. threatening, threat, reproof

धरहरा n. tower

धरातल n. surface (of the earth)

धर्के adj. striped

धर्ना n. the act of waiting for something

धर्म n. religion, duty, creed, faith

धर्मग्रन्थ n. religious text

धर्मवाचक नाम n. abstract noun [ling.]

धर्मशाला n. resthouse [for religious puposes]

धर्माधिकारी n. an official responsible for jurisdiction

धार्मिक adj. religious, related to dharma dharmik

धार्मिक स्थान n. religious centre

धाउ n. ore

धागो n. thread

धातु n. metal

धाधली n. chaos, chaotic state

धानी adj. golden

धारण n. holding, wielding

धारणा n. determination, thought, memory

धारा n. water tap, torrent, current of water

धारो n. spring of water, current of water, stream of people

धिमाल n. Dhimal [a Nepali nationality]

धुप n. sun, sunshine, incence

धुस्रो adj. ash-coloured, grey

धेरै adj. much, many, a lot dherai

धेरै अघि adv. long time ago

धेरै लोग्ने हुनु comp. to practice polyandry

धेरै विवाह n. polgamy

धेरै विवाह गर्नु comp. to practice polygamy

धेरैजसो adj. many, a lot

ध्यान n. meditation, contemplation didi

ध्वाँसे adj. dark-brown, soot-coloured

conj. neither, nor

नक्कल n. copy, fashion

नक्शा n. pattern, map, plan, chart

नगर n. town, city

नगरपालिका n. municipality, municipal committee

नग्न adj. nude, naked

नङ n. nail

नजर n. eye, vision, sight, look, glance

नजराना n. gift, present, presentation

नजराना n. gift, present

नजित्नु v.t. not to win

नजीक adj. near, close to, next to

नतिजा n. result, consequence

नन्द n. husband's younger sister

नन्देभाइ n. husband's younger sister's husband

नपुंसकलिङ n. neuter [grammar]

नब्बे num. ninety, 90

नया adj. new

नरम adj. soft, delicate, kind, gentle

नराम्रो adj. bad, not good

नरिवल n. coconut

नरेन्द्र n. king

नरेश n. king

नर्दन n. neck

नलिखुट्टो n. shin-bone

नवौं adj. ninth

नसो n. vein

नस्पाती n. pear

नाइटो n. navel

नाईं interj. no, negation

नाउ n. name

नाउ चलेका adj. well known, famous

नाक n. nose nakka

नाक्का पोरा n. nostrils

नागरिक adj. civil, urban, metropolitan nagarik

नागरिक शास्त्र n. civics, civic studies

नाङ्गे adj. naked, uncovered

नाङ्गो adj. naked, uncovered

नाच n. dance

नाच्नु v.i. to dance nadi

नाजायज adj. improper

नाता n. relationship, alliance

नातादार n. relative

नाति n. grandson

नातिनी n. granddaughter

नातिशीतोष्ण adj. temperate, moderate

नानी n. baby

नाम n. name, noun

नामक adj. named, bearing the name of

नामकरण n. naming ceremony, baptism

नामकर्म n. naming ceremony, baptism nam-namasi

नामदार adj. famous well known

नामनिशान adj. name, trace, mark; name and address

नामयोगी n. postposition

नामस्थानिक adj. independent from a noun

नायकत्व n. leadership, hegemony

नारा n. slogan, striking word, phrase

नारी n. wrist, pulse

निउ n. pretext, excuse

निकट adj. near, near by, close by, not far

निकाय n. body, system

निकै adj. much

निको adj. cured, well

निजी क्षेत्र n. private sector

नितम्ब n. hip

निदाउनु v.i. to go to sleep, to become numb

निधान n./adj. destruction, death, poor

निधार n. forehead

निधो n. confirmation, settlement, decision, final word, resolution

निन्दन n. vilification

निन्दा n. reflection, condemnation, slander, calumny, vilification, censure, blame

निपटारा n. disposal, settlement, reconciliation, conclusion

निपुण adj. dexterous, skilful, clever

निबन्ध n. article, essay, dissertation, thesis, bond, fixation

निबुवा n. lemon

निभ्नु v.i. to go out, to be extinguished

निमित्त n./postp. for, for the sake of, for the cause of, cause, motive, account, reason

निम्ति postp. for, for the sake of

निम्नलिखित adj. undermentioned, following, mentioned below

नियति n. fate, luck, fortune, destiny, predestination

नियन्त्रण n. control, restraint

नियम n. rule, usage, regulation,

नियुक्त adj. appointed, wmployed, posted

नियुक्ति n. appointment, employment

नियुत्त adj. appointed, engaged, employed, devoted, nominated, assigned

निर adj. near, near by, close by, not far

निरक्षर adj. illiterate

निरन्तर adj. continuous, constant, incessant, ceaseless

निरन्तरता n. continuity, continuation

निरपराध adj. innocent, faultless, guiltless

निरर्थक n. meaningless, vain, useless, fruitless, insignificant, worthless, futile

निराकरण n. abrogation, annulment, removal

निरोगी adj. healthy, in good health, not ill

निर्णय n. decision, resolution, discernment, ascertainment, determination

निर्दय adj. cruel, brutal, merciless, unkind

निर्दयता n. cruelty, unkindness, severity, brutality

निर्देश n. instruction, order, indication

निर्देशक n. director (of an institute or center)

निर्देशन n. instruction, order, indication

निर्माण n. construction, creation, manufacture, formation, framing, act of building or making

निर्माता n. maker, producer, manufacturer, builder, creator

निर्मित adj. made, formed, built, created

निर्वाचन n. election

निवारण n. prevention, preclusion, redress, deterrence, determent

निवास n. home, residence, abode, dwelling

निवासी n. inhabitant, resident, inmate, native

निश्चय n. sure knowledge, resolution, determination, confidence

निश्चल adj. fixed, still, firm, motionless, immovable

निश्चित adj. sure, unfailing, without doubt nishcit sankhyabodhak

निषेध भूमि n. forbidden land

निष्कण्टक adj. thornless, free from troubles

निस n. gneiss

निःसन्तान adj. childless, without offspring

निस्कनु v.i. to come out, to appear

निस्तो adj. plain, bland

निहु n. excuse, pretence, pretext niji

नीचो adj. low, inferior, mean, worthless

नीति n. policy, morality, manners

नीर adj. indigo

नीलो adj. blue

नुनिलो adj. salty

नुहाउनु v.t. take a bath

नुहाउने कोठा n. bathroom

नून n. salt

नेता n. leader, guide, chief

नेतृत्व n. leadership, guidance, lead

नेपालगन्ज n. Nepalganj [a town in the western Tarai]

नेभारो n. fig

नेर adj. near, near by, close by, not far

नेरि adj. near, near by, close by, not far

नेवार n. Newar [a Nepali nationality]

नै part. a particle used after the word to give emphasis

नै num. nine, 9

नैतिकता n. morals, morality, ethics

नोकर n. servant,

नौनी n. butter

न्याउरी n. mongoose

न्याय n. justice, equity, logic, reason

न्यायपालिका n. judiciary

न्यायाधीश n. judge, justice

न्यायाधीश n. judge, justice

न्यायालय n. court of justice

न्यूनतम adj. minimum, minimal

प, फ, ब, भ, म[सम्पादन]

पकाउनु v.t. to cook

पकेट n. pocket

पक्का adj. 1. certain, sure, true; durable, strong; careful

पक्का गर्नु v.t. to confirm to make sure

पक्कु n. meat fried in butter

पक्रनु v.t. to catch, to hold, to arrest, to capture, to seize, to catch on, to understand

पक्राउ n. capture, arrest, seizure

पक्ष n. wing, part, party

पंखा n. wing, feather; fan

पखाला n. diarrhoea

पखाल्नु v.t. to rinse

पखेटा n. wing

पगाल्नु v.t. to melt

पग्लनु v.i. to melt

पचहत्तर num. seventy-five, 75

पचाडि postp. behind

पचास num. fifty, 50

पचासी num. eighty-five, 85

पच्चीस num. twenty-five, 25

पच्छिम n. west

पच्पन्न num. fifty-five, 55

पछाडि postp. behind, later, in the back

पछि postp. behind, later, in the back pachi hatnu

पछि जानु v.i. to follow

पछि सर्नु v.i. to step back, to step down

पछिपछि adv. immediately after, next

पछिल्लो adj. last, hindermost, back, rear

पछौटे adj. late, hinder, backward

पजनी n. government officials were renewed for the ensuing year]

पझंगो n. fly, housefly

पञ्चाङ्ग n. almanac (of Hindu astrology)

पञ्जिका n. register, list, calender

पटक n. times, occasion

पटन n. packing, package

पटनी n. irrigation

पट्टि n. side

पट्टी n. bandage

पट्ट्याउनु v.t. to plait, to fold

पठाउनु v.t. to send, to despatch

पढाइ n. study, method of reading or teaching

पढाउनु v.t. to teach

पढेलेखेका adj. educated, able to read and write

पढ्नु v.t. to lear, to read, to study

पतन n. fall, downfall, degradation

पति n. husband

पतित adj. fallen, degraded, outcaste

पत्ता n. leaf, foliage, address

पत्थर n. stone

पत्नी n. wife, better half, married woman

पत्र n. page

पत्रकार n. journalist

पत्रिका n. magazine, journal

पत्रे चट्टान n. sedimentary rock

पथ n. path, course

पद n. foot, step, foot-step, word

पदवी n. title, designation; post, rank

पदाधिकारी n. official, officer, authority

पदार्थ n. meaning of a word, matter

पदार्थवाचक नाम n. objective term

पदिना n. mint

पदुषण n. pollution

पनाती n. great-grandson

पनि adv. also, too, even

पनि » पनि adv. as well as

पनिउ n. a flat spoon used for ladling out rice

पन्चानब्बे num. ninety-five, 95

पन्चायत n. village assembly to decide disputes, an assembly of elected representatives

पन्छाउनु v.t. to evade, to push aside

पन्जा n. a combination of five fingers, gloves, covering of the hands

पन्थ n. path, sect, religious order

पन्थी n. traveller, sectarian

पन्ध्र num. fifteen, 15

पर adv. aside, separate, beyond, further

परदेश adv. abroad pardesh

परन्तु n./adv. but, inspite, however, still, the remaining life, end

परम adj. best, supreme, uttermost, extreme

परमगति n. liberation, salvation

परमधाम n. heaven, paradise, the next world; death, demise

परमपद n. liberation, salvation

परमपिता n. the creator of all, God

परम्परा n. sequence, succession, order

परम्परागत adj. tradional

परराष्ट्र n. foreign county, another country

परराष्ट्र मन्त्रालय n. foreign ministry pararastra

परराष्ट्र मन्त्री n. foreign minister

परराष्ट्रीय adj. foreign, alien, related to another nation

परस्पर adj. mutually, reciprocal, one another

पराक्रम n. power, strength, valour, prowess

पराक्रमी adj. heroic, gallant, valiant, brave

पराघौं adv. after two years

पराजय n. defeat

पराजित adj. defeated, overthrown

पराजित adj. defeated, vanquished, overthrown

परार adv. two years ago

परिचय n. acquaintance, intimacy, familiarity

परिचालन n. mobilization

परिच्छेद n. part, division, section of a book, chapter, paragraph

परिणति n. transformation, culmination, form

परिणाम n. result, consequence

परिणामस्वरूप conj. as a result of, with the result of, consequently

परित्याग n. abandonment, abdication

परिपाटी n. tradition, method, mode, arrangement, order

परिपुर्ति n. perfection, completion

परिभाषा n. definition, terminology

परिमाणबोधक adj. quantitative [grammar]

परियोजना n. project

परिवर्तन n. change, exchange

परिवार n. family

परिशिष्ट n. appendix, supplement

परिश्रमी adj. laborious, industrious, painstaking, hardworking, diligent

परिषद n. assembly, council, senate, committee

परिस्थिति n. circumstances, situation, condition, surrounding, environment

परीक्षण n. examination, investigation

परीक्षा n. examination, investigation

परेवा n. pigeon, young dove

पर्खनु v.t. to wait, to have patience

पर्खाल n. wall

पर्खिनु v.t. to wait, to have patience

पर्चा n. leaflet, settlement record

पर्दा n. curtain, screen, veil, partition

पर्दाभित्रै comp. secretly

पर्नु v.i. to happen, to occur, to fall, to ignite

पर्यटक n. traveller, wanderer, tourist paryatakharuko

पर्यटकरूको स्वर्ग n. tourist paradise

पर्यटन n. touring, tourism

पर्यन्त postp. till, until, unto, up to

पर्व n. festival, holiday, fête, chapter, section, portion, canto

पर्वत n. hill, mountain, rock

पर्सि adv. the day after tomorrow

पल्टन n. regiment, batallion

पशुपति n. Pashupati

पशुपालन n. animal husbandry

पश्चिम n. west

पसल n. shop, warehouse, booth

पसले n. shopkeeper, merchant, vendor

पसीना n. sweat

पस्कनु v.t. to serve [food]

पस्नु v.t. to enter, to go in, to come in

पहाड n. mountain, hill pahadi

पहाडी प्रदेश n. hilly region

पहिचान n. recognition, acquaintance, identity

पहिरन n. costume, suit, dress, clothes, garments

पहिलो adj. first

पहेंलो adj. yellow

पाउ n. a quarter

पाउनु v.t. to get, to obtain, to receive, to bear, to beget, to

पाउरोटी n. bread

पाकेको adj. ripe, cooked, mature

पाको adj. aged, experienced

पाक्नु v.i. to be ripe, to ripen, to be cooked

पाखुरा n. arm

पागल n. a mad man

पागलखाना n. mad-house

पाच num. five, 5

पाच पत्र adj. fivefold

पाचौं adj. fifth

पाट n. jute, hessian, silk, silk threat

पाट n. lesson, reading, recital

पाटन n. Lalitpur, Patan [a neighbouring town of Kathmandu]

पाटलो adj. thin

पाठशाला n. school, seminary

पाठशालाया n. school, college, academy, seminary

पाठी n. lamb [female]

पाठो n. lamb [male]

पान n. the leaf of the betal nut eaten with areca nut and lime

पाना n. leaf (of a book)

पानी n. water, rain

पानी परेको वेला comp. when it rains

पानी पर्नु v.t. to rain

पाप n. sin

पापी adj. sinful, profligate, criminal

पार n. end, other side, limit, accomplishment, renunciation, release, relief, deliverance, liberation

पारपाचुके n. divorce, dissolution of marriage

पारम्पारिक adj. traditional, hereditary

पारि n. the other side [of the shore or boundary]

पारित adj. resolved, decided, concluded, passed (of a motion, bill, etc.)

पारी n. the other side [of the shore or boundary]

पारो n. mercury

पार्टी n. party

पार्टी केन्द्रीय कमिति n. central committee of a party

पार्नु v.t. to put in, to lay, to ignite, to cause, to make

पालू¨ो n. spinach

पाल्नु v.t. to take care of, to raise, to bring up, to nourish, to keep, to tame

पाल्पा n. Palpa [former mini-state, currently a district of Nepal]

पाहुना n. visitor, guest

पा्रदेशिक adj. regional

पिठिउ n. back

पिंडालु n. a kind of root

पिंडुलो n. calf of the leg

पिता n. father [Sanskritized]

पित्तल n. brass

पिरल्नु v.i./v.t. to torment, to afflict, to distress, to tease

पिरा n. floor seat [of straw or wood]

पिरो adj. hot [in taste]

पिरोल्नु v.t. to torment, to afflict, to distress, to tease

पीङ n. swing

पीठो n. flour

पीठो n. flour, powder

पीडित adj. afflicted, tortured, distressed, oppressed

पीर n. worry, anxiety, distress, mental trouble, punishment

पुग्नु v.i. to arrive at, to reach, to be fulfilled, to be sufficient

पुच्छर n. tail

पुतली n. butterfly

पुनरवलीकन n. revision, retrospect, review

पुनर्गठन n. reorganization, recasting

पुनर्जीवित adj. revived, risen from the dead

पुनर्निर्माण reconstruction

पुनर्वास n. rehabilitation

पुनिउ n. a flat spoon used for ladling out rice

पुरश्चरण n. repeating the name of a deity

पुरश्चर्या n. repeating the name of a deity

पुरातत्व n. archaeology

पुरानो adj. old, ancient

पुरी n. bread cooked in butter

पुरुष n. Man

पुरुषार्थ n. manly achievement, energy, vigour, valour

पुरुष्वाचक सर्वनाम n. personal pronoun

पुरोहित n. family priest

पुर्खा n. ancestor, forefather

पुर्याउनु v.t. to exort, to lead, to fulfil a wish

पुंलिङ्ग n. male [gender]

पुष्ठि n. nourishment, nutrition

पुस n. ninth month of the Nepali year (December/January)

पुस्तकालय n. library

पुस्ता n. generation, succession

पूजा कोठा n. prayer room, worshipping room

पूजा गर्नु v.t. to worship, to adore

पूरा adj. full, complete, entire, gross, whole

पूर्ण adj. perfect, full, complete, whole, accomplished, sufficient, detailed

पूर्णतः adv. completely, fully, perfectly, totally

पूर्णतया adj. completely, totally, fully, entirely

पूर्णिमा n. full moon day

पूर्वक suff. together, with

पूर्वाग्रह n. prejudice

पूर्वाधार n. infrastructure

पूर्वी adj. eastern, eastern quarter

पूर्वीय adj. eastern

पूर्वीया adj. eastern

पृथ्वी n. earth

पृष्ठभूमि n. basis

पेट n. stomach

पेटी n. belt, casket, small box, small chest, girdle

पेश postp. in front of, before

पेशा n. occupation

पेस्ता n. pestachio nut

पैंतालीस num. forty-five, 45

पैंतीस num. thirty-five, 35 paitalo

पैंसट्ठी num. sixty-five, 65

पोइ n. husband [rural]

पोइल n. running away with a man without formal marriage

पोइल जानु comp. run away with a man

पोखरी n. pond, lake, reservoir poleko

पोतो n. a smearing rag

पोत्नु v.t. smear with red clay, paint the floor wall, whitewash

पोथी मुजुर n. peahen

पोलेको मासु n. barbecued meat pothi

पोहोर adv. last year

पौने adj. a quarter to

पौरनु v.i. swim

पौरानिक adj. legendary

पौरी n. swimming pauri

पौरी खेल्नु v.t. swim

पौष n. ninth month of the Nepali year (December/January)

पौष्टिक n. nutrition

प्याउ n. mushroom

प्याज n. onion

प्यारो adj. loving, dear, beloved, lovely, pleasant

प्रकार n. kind, way, sort

प्रकाश n. light, manifestation, publication

प्रकाशक n. publisher

प्रकाशकीय adj. related to the publisher

प्रकाशन n. publication, publishing

प्रकाशित adj. published

प्रक्रिया n. process, procedure, manner, method, technique

प्रख्यात adj. renowned, famous, celebrated, noted

प्रगति n. progress, advancement

प्रगतिशील adj. progressive, modern

प्रचलन n. prevalence, custom, usage, currency, movement

प्रचलित adj. prevalent, current, customary, in practice, , in vogue, recognised

प्रचार n. publicity, publication, usage, advertisement, announcement

प्रचारित adj. propagated, publicised, circulated, made current, made prevalent, given currency

प्रजा n. subject, tenant, people, progeny

प्रजातन्त्र n. democracy

प्रजातान्त्रिक adj. democratic

प्रणाली n. method, mode, way

प्रतम पुरुषवाचक n. first person [grammar]

प्रति postp. towards, near to, against, in opposition to

प्रतिकार n. retaliation, revenge

प्रतिगामा adj. retrogressive

प्रतिनिधि n. representative, substitute

प्रतिनिधित्व n. representation, deputation, delegacy

प्रतिपक्ष n. opposition, rival side, hostile camp, contesting party

प्रतिपक्षी n. opponent, rival, contestant, contralateral

प्रतिबद्ध adj. restricted, banned, conditioned, committed

प्रतिबद्धता n. commitment

प्रतिबन्धित adj. restricted, banned, conditioned

प्रतिबिम्ब n. reflection, image, shadow

प्रतिबिम्बित adj. reflected

प्रतिभा n. genius, intellect, wit, intelligence, brilliance

प्रतियोगिता n. rivalry, competition, hostility

प्रतिवेदन n. report, representation

प्रतिशात n. percent percentage

प्रतिशोध n. revenge, vengeance, retaliation, vendetta, blood feud

प्रतिस्पद्र्ध n. rivalry, contest, competition

प्रतीक n. symbol, fetish

प्रतीकात्मक adj. symbolic, allegorical pratikriya

प्रतीक्षा n. expectation

प्रत्येक adj. every, everyone

प्रथम adj. first, best, primitive pratham

प्रथम पुरुष n. first person [ling.]

प्रथा n. usage, practice, custom, rule, fashion, method, system

प्रदेश n. province, region, realm, country, territory, state

प्रधानन्यायाधीश n. Chief Justice

प्रधानमन्त्री n. Prime Minister

प्रबन्धक n. manager, writer of an essay

प्रभात n. daybreak, dawn

प्रभाव n. influence, effect, power, strength, authority, dominance

प्रभावशाली adj. powerful, strong, radiant

प्रमाण n. proof, testimony, evidence, attestation, ascertainment

प्रमाणपत्र n. certificate, testimonial, permit

प्रमाणिक adj. factual, true, genuine, authoritative

प्रमाणित adj. certified

प्रमुख n. principal, chief, head

प्रयत्न n. effort, attempt, endeavour

प्रयास n. effort, attempt, endeavour

प्रयोग n. use, application, action, effort, usage, example, performance

प्रवचन n. commentary, elucidation, explanation

प्रविधि n. technique

प्रविधिज्ञ n. technician

प्रवृति n. trend

प्रवृत्ति n. inclination of mind, tendency

प्रवेश n. entry, admission, access,

प्रशंसा n. praise, appreciation, applause, laudation, eulogy

प्रशस्त adj. abundant, sufficient, enough

प्रशासन n. administration

प्रश्न n. question prashnarthak sarvanam

प्रश्नावली n. questionnaire

प्रसङ्ग n. relation, connection, association, discussion, narration, context

प्रसार n. width, expansion, extent, spreading, spread, diffusion

प्रसिद्ध adj. famous, renowned, glorious, illustrious, celebrated

प्रस्ताव n. proposal, suggestion; preface, foreword, preamble

प्रस्तावना n. introduction, prologue, preface, foreword

प्रस्तुत adj. presented, submitted pratam

प्रहरी n. police

प्राकृति n. nature, talent

प्राकृतिक adj. natural, physical, material prakritik

प्राकृतिक ग्यास n. natural gas

प्राकृतिक वनस्पति n. natural vegetation

प्राचीन adj. ancient, old, antique, aged

प्राचीनता n. antiquity, ancientness

प्राथमिकता n. priority, precedence

प्रादुर्भाव n. appearance, manifestation; serious or terrible outbreak; birth, prevalence

प्राध्यापक n. college teacher, lecturer, professor

प्रान्त n. border, end, extremity, province

प्राप्त adj. obtained, received, acquired

प्राप्ति n. receipt, procuration, acquisition, income, profit

प्रामाणिक adj. factual, true, genuine,

प्रायः adv. almost, nearly, often, generally

प्रारम्भ n. beginning, commencement, inception, initiation, starting point

प्रार्थना n. prayer, petition, request prarthana

प्रार्थना गर्नु v.t. tp pray, to request

प्रिय adj. dear, lovely, beloved

प्रेत n. dead, deceased, spirit of the dead, evil spirit, ghost; a very greedy person

प्वाल n. hole, opening

फरक n. difference, separation, being apart

फराकिलो adj. spacious, roomy, extensive

फरार n. absconding, fled

फर्कनु v.i. to return, to come back

फर्सी n. large yellow pumpkin

फलफूल n. fruits and flowers phalphul

फलफूल खेती n. horticulture

फलस्वरूप postp. as a result of

फलाम n. iron

फल्गुण n. eleventh month of the Nepali year (February/March)

फल्नु v.i. to bear fruits; to cleanse, to husk

फस्टाउनु v.t. to develop, to become fat phatyangro

फाईदा n. advantage

फागुन n. eleventh month of the Nepali year (February/March)

फापर n. buckwheat

फाल्नु v.t. to throw away

फासी n. execution by hanging, noose

फिक्री गर्नु v.t. to be worried

फिजिनु v.i. to spread phikri

फिला n. thigh

फिलिपिन्स n. Philippinen

फुटबल खेल्नु v.t. to play football

फुपाजु n. father's sister's husband

फुपू n. father's sister

फुर्तिलो adj. smart

फुल n. egg

फुस्रो adj. grey, grizzled phutbal

फूल n. flower

फूलकोपी n. cauliflower

फूलबारी n. flower garden phuleko

फेरि adv. again, once more, once again

फेसन n. facion

फैलनु v.i. to spread, to be scattered

फैलनु v.i. to spread, to be scattered

फैलिनु v.i. to spread, to be scattered

फैसला n. decision, judgement, settlement, adjudication

फोक्सो n. lungs

फोहोर adj. dirty, foul, filthy, obscene

फ्याउरो n. fox

फ्याक्नु v.t. to throw away

फ्रान्सेली adj. French

बकस n. present, gift, reward

बक्कुलो n. crane

बक्सनु v.t. to give, to present [as a present or reward by a high standing personality like the king]

बखत n. time, period, moment, opportunity

बंगुर n. pig

बगैंचा n. garden, orchard

बग्गी n. horse carriage

बग्नु v.i. to flow, to glide

बचाउनु v.t. to save, to defend, to spare

बजे o'clock

बजेठ n. budget

बज्नु v.i. to sound, to chime

बज्यै n. grandmother [lower class], woman's mother-in-law [lower class], a Brahmin woman, an old woman

बझ्नु v.i. to quarrel, to wrangle

बटुको n. cup, bowl

बट्टाई n. quail

बठठाईस adj. twenty-eight, 28

बडा adj. big, large, gigantic, og great size

बडा हाकिम n. district officer

बडो adj. big, large, gigantic

बढाउनु v.t. to increase, to make bigger, to enlarge

बढार्नु v.t. sweep

बढिया adj. fine, nice, superior, excellent, of good quality

बढी adj. more, larger, higher

बढ्नु v.i. to increase, to grow, to advance, to go forward, to flourish

बतास n. wind, air

बत्ती n. lamp

बत्तीस num. thirty-two, 32

बदनाम adj. caluminated, infamous

बदमाश adj. wicked, immoral, mischievous

बदाम n. peanut

बदी n. the dark half of a lunar month; evil, wickedness

बदेल n. wild pig

बनाउनु v.t. to make, to build, to repair

बनुहार n. face, countenance

बनेल n. wild pig

बन्चरो n. axe

बन्द गर्नु v.t. to close, to shut

बन्द भयो comp. it is closed, it is shut banda

बन्दाकोपी n. cabbage

बन्दी n. hostage, prisoner

बन्दीखाना n. prison, jail

बन्दीगृह n. prison, jail

बन्दीघर n. prison, jail

बन्धन n. imprisonment

बन्नु v.i. to be ready, to be made

बमोजित adj. according to, in accordance with, accordingly

बमोजिम adv. according to, in accordance with, accordingly

बयान n. description, narration, account

बयानब्बे num. ninety-two, 92

बयासी num. eighty-two, 82

बरा n. great-grandfather

बरु better, rather, or

बर्खा n. rains, rainy season, monsoon

बर्बर n./adj. barbarian, savage, barbarisch, wild

बर्बरता n. barbarity

बल n. strength, power, force, might

बलात्कार n. rape

बलियो adj. strong, powerful, stout

बलिस्ठ adj. strong, powerful, stout

बली adj. strong, powerful

बल्नु v.i. to burn, to blaze, to catch fire

बसन्त n. spring

बसाई सराई n. migration

बसाउनु v.t. to cause to sit, to make someone sit

बसाल्नु v.t. to cause to sit, to make someone sit

बसोबास n. residence, place of residence

बसोवास n. residence, place of residence

बस्त्रशस्त्र n. weaponry, armament, arms, weapons

बस्नु v.i. to sit, to settle, to remain

बहत्तर num. seventy-two, 72

बहस n. discussion, argumentation, debate

बहादुर adj. brave, bold, courageous, defiant

बहिनी n. younger sister

बहिनीज्वाइ n. younger sister's husband

बहिरो adj. deaf

बहिषकार n. expulsion, removal, exclusion, ex- communication

बहुदलिय adj. multiparty

बहुदलिय वयवस्था n. multiparty system

बहुमत n. majority

बहुमूल्य adj. valuable, expensive, very costly

बा n. father [colloquially]

बाँस n. bamboo

बाँसको पूर्दा n. bamboo curtain

बाईस num. twenty-two, 22

बाउन्न num. fifty-two, 52 bayalis

बाकस n. box

बाकी n. remainder, left over, residue

बाक्लो adj. thick

बाख्री n. she-goat

बाख्रो n. goat

बागबानी n. gardening, horticulture

बागवानी n. horticulture

बाघ n. tiger

बाघा n. obstacle

बाङ्गो adj. crooked, bent, twisted

बाच्नु v.i. to survive

बाज n. hawk

बाजे n. grandfather

बाटो n. road, path, way bato

बाटो लाग्नु v.t. to set off

बाठ postp. from, by bata

बाठो adj. intelligent, clever

बाड्नु v.t. to part, to divide, to share, to partition

बात मार्नु v.i. to talk

बादर n. monkey

बादल n. cloud

बाधक adj. hindering, obstructing

बाधा n. hinderance, obstacle, obstruction

बाध्नु v.t. to bind, to tie up, to fasten

बानी n. habit, disposition, character

बाबु n. father

बाया adj. left

बार n. weekday [of the Nepali calendar]

बार n. fence, temporary wall

बारी n. dry field, garden

बारुलो n. wasp basai

बारे postp. about, realting to, concerning

बार्नु v.t. to observe, to abstain from

बाल n. child, boy

बालकृष्ण सम n. Bal Krishna Sama [a famous Nepali poet]

बाली n. standig crops, harvest

बालुन n. a kind of folk song

बाल्ठी n. bucket

बाल्नु v.t. to kindle, to light, to burn

बाल्यकाल n. childhood

बास n. bamboo

बासिन्दा n. inhabitant, resident

बाहिर postp. outside, at another place bahira

बाहिर समेत even outside

बाहिरपट्टि n. outside

बाहुन n. Brahmin

बाहेक postp. except, besides

बाह्र num. twelve, 12

बाह्रौं adj. twelfth

बालिका n. young girl

बिउझनु v.t. to wake up

बिख n. poison, venom

बिगौती n. beestings, the milk of the animal after bearing a calf

बिचार n. thought, consideration, idea

बिच्छी n. scorpion

बिजुली n. electricity, lightening

बिताउनु v.t. to spend

बिन्तिपत्र n. application, petition

बिन्ती n. request, prayer

बिरामी n./adj. patient, illness, ill

बिरालो n. cat

बिर्ता n. free-hold land

बिर्तावाल n. owner of free-hold land

बिलकुल adj. entirely, fully, completely

बिहा n. marriage, wedding, matrimony

बिहाइते adj. married, wedded

बिहान n./adv. morning; in the morning

बिहिवार n. Thursday

बीउ n. seed

बीच n./postp. middle, centre, during, among

बीज n. seed

बीजारोपण n. laying of the foundation stone, cornerstone ceremony

बीस num. twenty, 20

बुइगल n. upper storey of a house, attic, garret

बुझाउनु v.t. to explain, to make over

बुट्टा n. design

बुदा n. main point, main issue

बुद्धि n. knowledge, intellect, mental power, wisdom

बुद्धिचाल n. chess

बुद्धिजीवी adj. intelligent, learned

बुधवार n. Wednesday

बुरुण्डी n. Burundi

बुवा n. father, papa

बूढी आमा n. grandmother [lower class]

बूढी औंलो n. thumb

बूढो adj. old [person]

बूहारी n. son's wife, daughter-in-law

बूढा बा n. grandfather [lower class]

बृहत adj. big, large, huge

बृहस्पतिबार n. Thursday

बेग्लो adj. separated

बेच्नु v.t. to sell, to dispose off

बेन्ची n. bench

बेपार n. trade, commerce bepar

बेपार गर्नु v.t. to trade, to sell

बेपारी n. trader, merchant

बेमज्जा adj. not pleasing

बेर n. time, delay, late berojgar

बेला n. time, occasion

बेलुका n./adj. evening, in the evening, after sunset

बेवास्ता adj. indifferent, unmindful, unconcerned, careless

बेसरी adv. nicely, abundantly, profusely, plentifully, excessively

बेंसी n. valley, lowland, lower portion of a hill

बेहोर्नु v.i. to bear, to make use of, to

बैङ्क n. bank

बैजनी adj. purple

बैठक n. meeting, session, living room, sitting room, reception room

बैशाख n. first month of the Nepali calendar [April/May]

बैसठ्ठी num. sixty-two, 62

बोको n. he-goat

बोक्नु v.t. to carry, to lift, to conceive

बोडी n. a kind of bean, blackeye bean

बोलचाल n. conversation, talk

बोलचालमा in everyday language

बोलबाला n. all in all, all powerful

बोलाउनु v.t. to call, to invite

बोलिनु v.i.

बौलाहा adj. mad, lunatic

ब्यक्त adj. clear, discernible, expressed, stated, mentioned

ब्यक्ति n. person, individual, manifestation

ब्यक्तिगत adj. personal, individual

ब्यक्तित्व n. personality, individuality, self

ब्यक्तिवाचक नाम n. proper name, proper noun

ब्यङ्ग्य n. sarcasm, irony, innuendo

ब्यङ्ग्य-चित्र n. cartoon

ब्यथा n. pain, suffering, misery, distress, injury, ache

ब्यवसाय n. undertaking, occupation, employment; engagement, business

ब्यवस्था n. system, method, regulation, management, settlement, systematization, form

ब्यवस्थापन n. organizing, systematizing

ब्यवस्थापिका n. legislative

ब्यवस्थापित adj. established, systematized, managed

ब्यवस्थित adj. systematic, methodical, in order

ब्यवहार n. behaviour, conduct, manner, treatement

ब्याख्या n. explanation

ब्याख्यान n. speech, lecture, explanation, exposition

ब्याडमिन्टन n. badminton

ब्यापार n. business, trade, profession, occupation, industry

ब्याप्त adj. diffused, pervaded, occupied, overcast, scattered, flush

ब्वासो n. wolf

भइ n. ground, earth, floor

भकुण्डो खेल्नु v.t. to play football

भक्त n./adj. devotee; devoted, pious

भक्तपुर n. Bhaktapur, Bhadgaon [an ancient town east of Kathmandu]

भक्ति n. devotion, worship, veneration

भक्तिमान n./adj. devotee; devoted, pious bhakundo

भगांकुर n. Clitoris

भगेरो n. sparrow

भञ्ज्याङ n. narrow valley, defile, mountain pass

भटमास n. soyabean

भट्टारक adj. revered, respectable

भडी n. stomach

भड्किनु v.i. to be frightened, to feel shy, to go astray

भण्डाफोेर n. unmasking, unveiling, disclosure, revelation, betrayal

भण्डार n. store room

भतिजी n. man's brother's daughter

भतिजो n. man's brother's son

भत्र्सना n. reproach, abuse bharya

भदै n. woman's brother's daughter

भदो n. woman's brother's son

भदौ n. fifth month of the Nepali year [August-September]

भद्र n. fifth month of the Nepali year [August-September]

भने conj. if, on the other hand

भन्दा postp. compared to [used for construction of comparative]

भन्ने adj. called, named

भन्सार n. customs, customs duties, office of the customs department

भब्य adj. grand, pompous, splendorous

भर n. trust, faith, fullness bhar

भर पर्नु v.t. to trust

भरि adj. full to the brim, full

भरिपूर्ण adj. full to the brim, full

भरिभराउ adj. full to the brim, full

भरे postp. later in the day, afterwards

भरोसा n. hope, trust, reliance

भर्खर adv. right now

भलाई n. welfare, well-being, goodness, gentleness

भवन n. house, mansion, palace

भवान निर्माण कला architecture

भाइ n. younger brother

भाइ-भारादार n. king's address towards his royal relatives

भाइबुहारी n. younger brother's wife

भाउ n. price, value, rate

भाउजू n. elder brother's wife

भाका n. promise

भाग्नु v.i. to flee, to run away

भाजन n. receptacle, object, dividing

भाँडा n. rent, hire, fare, freight

भाँडाकुडा n. pots and pans

भाडो n. cooking pot, vessel, pot

भाड्नु v.t. to spoil, to ruin (morally)

भादगाउँ n. Bhaktapur, Bhadgaon [an ancient town east of Kathmandu]

भानिज n. sister's son bhanje

भानुभक्त आचार्य n. Bhanubhakta Acharya [a famous Nepali poet]

भान्जी n. sister's daughter

भान्जे ज्वाईं n. sister's daughter's husband

भान्जे बुहारी n. sister's son's wife

भान्जो n. sister's son

भान्सा n. kitchen

भारत n. India

भारतीय adj. Indian

भारादार n. a high official

भारादारी सभा n. assembly of high officials or nobility in early Shah and Rana times

भारी adj. heavy, weighty

भारोपीय adj. indoeuropean

भारोपेली adj. indoeuropean

भाला n. spear, lance, pike

भालु n. bear

भाले मुजुर n. peacock

भाव n. thought, mental state, feeling, sentiment, musing

भावना n. thought, mental state, feeling, sentiment, musing

भाववाचक नाम n. abstract [linguistics]

भाषण n. speech, lecture bhasan

भाषण दिनु v.t. to give a lecture

भाषा n. language

भाषाविज्ञान n. linguistics, philosophy bhat

भिक्षा n. begging, alm, charity

भिज्नु v.i. to get wet

भित्ते wall

भित्तो n. side of the wall

भित्र postp. inside, within, in

भित्रिनु v.i. to enter, to penetrate

भित्रिया adj. counted as a member of the family or group

भिनाजु n. elder sister's husband

भिन्नता n. difference

भु-क्षरण n. soil erosion

भुँई n. ground, floor, surface of the earth

भुईकठहर n. pineapple

भुक्नु v.i. to bark

भुजा n. boild rice [upper class]

भुटुवा n. fried meat

भुटेको मकै n. popcorn bhuteko

भुटेको मासु n. fried meat

भुत्ला n. fur, hair bhutnu

भुमिगत n. underground

भुल्नु v.i./v.t. to forget, to make a mistake, to be attached

भुसुनो n. gnat

भू-परिवेष्ठित देश n. land-locked country

भूइ n. ground, floor, surface of the earth

भूइचालो n. earthquake

भूगर्भ विज्ञान n. geology

भूगोलको अनुसन्धान कार्य n. geological survey

भूटाङ n. Bhutan bhuteko

भूतपूर्व adj. past, former, previous

भूमि n. ground, floor, surface of the earth

भूमिका n. preface, introduction, foreword

भेक n. neighbourhood, locality, area

भेट n. meeting, visit, interview bhet

भेट हुनु v.t. to meet, to bump into someone

भेट्नु v.i./v.t. to meet, to get, to find, to come across

भेडो n. sheep

भेला n. gathering (of people)

भैंसी n. water buffalo [female]

भोक n. hunger

भोक लागनु to be hungry

भोकाउनु v.i. to be hungry

भोगटे n. grapefruit

भोगदान n. help, assistance

भोजन n. food

भोजनालय n. kitchen, cafe, canteen, dining room

भोटे n. Tibetan, Bhote

भोलि adv. tomorrow

भौगोलिक adj. geographic, geographical bhaugolik

भौगोलिक महत्व n. geographical importance

भ्याउनु v.i. to find time

भ्यागुतो n. frog

भ्रमण n. travel, travelling, roaming

भ्रष्ट adj. fallen, spoilt, polluted, defiled

भ्रष्टाचार n. corruption, corrupt practice

भ्रष्टाचारी n. corrupt person

मकल n. a small moveable earthenware stove used for heating

मकै n. corn, maize

मगज n. brain

मगर n. Magar [a Nepali nationality]

मंगल n. the planet Mars

मंगलवार n. Tuesday

मंगसीर n. eighth month of the Nepali year [November/December]

मंगोलिया Mongolei

मंगलवार n. Tuesday

मचान n. stage

मच्चिनु v.i. to swing

मजा n. happiness, enjoyment, rejoicing

मजाको adj. pleased, funny

मञ्च n. dais, raised platform, stage

मञ्चरी n. cluster of buds and flowers, flower bud

मत n. vote, opinion, voice, dogma, belief

मतगणना n. counting of votes

मतभेद n. difference of opinion

मतो n. consultation, counsel, opinion

मदत दिनु v.t. to help, to assist

मधेस n. the Tarai (the southern flat land along the Indian border)

मध्य–दिन n. noon

मध्यकालीन adj. mediaeval

मध्यान्ह n. noon madhyarat

मध्ये postp. amongin the middle, at the centre, in between, within, inside

मन n. mind, thought, mental state, heart, feeling

मन आउनु to long, to wish

मनपराउनु v.t. to like, to approve, to prefer

मनस्थिति n. mental state

मनाई n. prohibition, control

मनाउनु v.t. to celebrate

मनासिब adj. right, just, proper, reasonable, fit

मनाही n. prohibition, control

मनोरञ्जन n. amusement, entertainment, recreation

मनोविज्ञान n. psychology

मनोवैज्ञानिक adj. psychological

मन्तब्य n. view, opinion, remark, note, comment

मन्त्रालय n. ministery

मन्त्री n. minister

मराठी n. Marathi

मरिच n. black pepper

मृग n. deer

मर्का n. loss, harm, damage

मलाई थाहा छैन comp. I don't know

मलाई मन पर्छ comp. I like

मलाई मन पर्दैन comp. I don't like malai thah

मलिलो adj. fertile, manured

मलेसिया n. Malaysia

मसला n. spices

मसिनो adj. fine, thin, mild, gentle, delicate

मसी n. ink

मसौदा n. draft, rough copy

मस्त adj. drunk, intoxicated

मह n. honey

महगो adj. expensive

महत्ता n. greatness, magnitude, gravity, glory, importance

महत्व n. greatness, magnitude, gravity, glory, importance

महत्वकांक्षा n. high ambition, great desire

महत्वकांक्षी adj. ambitious

महत्वपूर्ण adj. superb, royal, regal, palmy, magnanimous, generous

महल n. palace

महसूल n. cess, tax, rate, custom, octroi

महसूस n./adj. feeling, experience, understanding

महाकवि n. great poet [a title for Bhanubhakta Acharya]

महाजन n. moneylender, rich man, virtuous man

महाधिवेशन n. general assembly, general meeting

महिना n. month

महिमा n. exaltation

महिला n. woman

महीना n. month

मा postp. in, at, on, among

माइजू n. mother's brother's wife

माइलो n. second eldest [of brothers]

माग n. demand, claim

माग n. demand, requirement, requisition

माग्नु v.t. to ask for

माग्ने n. beggar

माघ n. tenth month of the Nepali year [January/February]

माछा n. fish macha

माछा मार्नु v.t. to fish

माझ n. middle, centre

माझी n. Majhi [a Nepali nationality]

माझ्नु v.t. to clean

माटाको adj. earthen

माटो n. earth, clay, soil matoko

माटोको सर्वेक्षण n. soil survey

मात्नु v.i. to get drunk

मात्रृप्रेम n. mother love

मात्रृभक्त n. a devotee of one's mother

मात्रृभाषा n. mother tongue

माथि postp. above

माथिल्लो n. upper

माथिल्लो तला n. upper floor

माध्यम n. medium madhyamik

माध्यमिक युग n. middle ages

मानदेव n. Manadeva [name of several kings of the Licchavi era]

माननीय adj. honorable, respectable, venerable

मानबोधक adj. honorific [grammar]

मानव n. mankind, man, human being

मानवशास्त्र n. anthropology

मानिस n. man, person

मानी adj. respectable, respectful

मान्छे n. man, person

मान्द्रो n. large bamboo or cane mat

मान्नु v.t. to respect, to worship, to accept, to observe

मान्यता n. recognition, validity, accredition

मापदण्ड n. touchstone, standard

मामा n. mother's brother

माया n. love maya

माया गर्नु v.t. to love

मारामार n. fight

मार्ग n. eighth month of the Nepali year [November/December]

मार्नु v.t. to kill, to slaughter

मालताल n. article, goods

मासु n. meat

मास्तिर n./adv. above, up

माहिलो n. second eldest [of brothers]

मिठाई n. sweets

मिडिया n. media

मिति n. date, day, limit, time

मिलाउनु v.t. to reconcile, to resolve, to arbitrate, to bring about an agreement, to cause to join, to mix, to adjust, to solve, to balance

मिल्नु v.i. to agree, to fit in, to mingle to mix up, to befit

मिसाउनु v.t. to mingle, to mix up together

मिस्री n. sugar candy, rockcandy

मिहिनेत n. labour, industry, work, toil

मिहिनेती adj. industrious, hardworking, busy, active

मिही adj. fine, fine spun, finely pulverized; soft, tender, smooth

मीठो adj. delicious, tasteful, tasty

मीत n. friend (ritually concluded) mit

मीत लगाउनु v.t. to make friends (ritually)

मुकाम n. halting place, halt, dwelling, place of residence, camping place

मुक्त adj. liberated, released mukta

मुक्त गर्नु v.t. to free

मुख n. mouth, face

मुख धुनु v.t. wash and clean the face

मुख्यत adv. chiefly, mainly, principally, primarily

मुङ n. a kind of Lentils, mung bean

मुटु n. heart

मुड्की n. blow of a fist

मुद्दा n. law-suite, case

मुद्रक n. printer

मुद्रा n. seal, coin, gesture

मुद्राक्षर n. printing type

मुद्रालय n. press, printing place

मुद्र्रण n. act of printing

मुनाल n. a kind of bird from the mountains

मुनि postp. below, under

मुन्तिर postp. downwards, below, under

मुमा n. mother [used by upper class only]

मुलायत adj. soft

मुलुक n. country, realm, kingdom

मुसुरो n. a kind of lentils muthi

मुस्काउनु v.i. to smile

मुस्कुराउनु v.t. to smile

मुहान n. source of a river or an irrigation canal

मुहार n. facade

मुहूर्त n. a division of time (48 minutes), auspicious moment, a moment, a while, a very short time

मूल n. root, source, origin

मूलक postp. based on, depending on, growing from, emanating from, originating from

मूलतः adv. basically, fundamentally, primarily, essentially

मूलवासी n. native, original inhabitant

मूलसडक n. main road

मूला n. radish

मूल्य n. cost, price, worth, value

मूल्याङ्गन n. valuation, estimation

मूसो n. mouse, rat musoko

मूसोको दुलो n. mousehole

मृग n. deer

मृत्यु n. death mrityuko

मृत्युको दण्ड n. death penalty

मेघालय n. Meghalaya [a Northeast Indian state]

मेचे n. Meche [a Nepali nationality]

मेल n. meeting, unity, concord, harmony, intimacy, friendship, union, alliance

मेवा n. melon

मेहनत n. industry, labour, hard work

मेहेल n. a fruit

मैदा n. fine flour

मैदान n. an open field

मैन बत्ती n. candle

मैना n. a name applied to several different sturnoid passerine birds of India and countries further east, belonging to the genera Acridotheres and Eulabes

मैया n. princess; a word used affectionately for addressing a daughter

मैलो adj. dirty

मोजा n. socks, stocking, hose

मोटर n. car

मोटाउनु v.i. to get fat

मोटामोठी adj. near about, approximately

मोटो adj. fat

मोतर हाक्नु v.t. to drive a car

मोरेन n. moraine

मोसम n. orange

मोहनी n. charm, enchantment

मोही n. buttermilk

मोही पार्नु v.t. to make buttermilk

मौन n. silence, taciturnity, mum

मौरी n. bee, honeybee

मौलिक adj. original

मौसम n. weather, season, monsoon

मौसिमी adj. seasonal

मौसूफ pron. personal address towards the king [royal honorific pronoun]

म्वाइ n. kiss

यज्ञ n. religious sacrifice, oblation

य, र, ल, व[सम्पादन]

यता adv. here, at this place, hither

यताउता adv. hither an thither, here and there, in all directions

यति adv. this much, thus much, so much

यतिको adv. so much

यत्रो pron. so great, so big

यथावत adv. in situ, intact, as before

यद्यपि conj. although, though, even, if, however, notwithstanding

यशस्वी adj. renowned, reputed, glorious

यशोगान n. eulogy, singing of praises

यस कारण so, because of this

यसमध्ये adv. by that, in this

यसैगरी adv. consequently, therefor, so

यसो adj. like this, such

यसोगरी adv. consequently, therefor, so

यस्तो pron. like this, of the same kind

यस्तो अध्यरोमा comp. in such darkness

यहा adv. here, at this place, hither

यही pron. this very

यही नै pron. this and no other

यातायात n. transportation, traffic

यात्रा n. trip, voyage

यात्री n. traveller, pilgrim, tourist

यायावर n. nomad, wanderer

युग n. epoch, era, age

युगोस्लाभीया n. Yugoslavia

युवा n. youth

यूरोप n. Europe

यूरोपेली adj. European

योग n. joining, junction, combination, union, coupling; relationship, connection

योगदान n. cooperation, help, assistance, contribution

योगफल n. the sum total

योग्यता n. power, strength, talent

योजना n. planning

योनी n. Vulva, Vagina, Cunt(vulgar)

यौवन n. youth, adolescence, manhood, puberty

रक्तपातपुर्ण adj. bloody

रक्षा n. defence, protection, guard

रक्सी n. alcoholic drink

रगत n. blood

रगत आउनु to bleed

रंगाउनु v.t. to colour, to paint, to dye, to tint

रंगीचंगी adj. multi-coloured

रंगीन adj. coloured

रङ्ग n. colour

रङ्गमञ्च n. stage

रचक n. author, writer, maker

रचना n. composition, production, creation, formation

रचनात्मक adj. creative, constructive

रचयिता n. composer, writer, author, maker

रचित adj. composed, made, formed, manufactured, compiled, constructed, built, invented, fabricated

रजहास n. swan

रणनीति n. strategy

रत postp. engaged in, employed in, devoted to, absorbed in, addicted to

रमाइलो adj. pleasant

रमाउनु v.i. to be pleased, to feel happy, to feel delighted, to be glad

रम्नु v.i. to be pleased, to feel happy, to feel delighted, to be glad

रविवार n. Sunday

रस n. juice, broth

रसिया n. Russia

रहनु v.i. to remain, to dwell, to inhabit

रहर n. a kind of lentils

रहस्यमय adj. mysterious, secret, hidden

रहस्यमय ढङ्गबाट adv. in a mysterious way

राई n. Rai [a Nepali nationality]

राख्नु v.t. to keep, to protect, to hold

रागो n. water buffalo [male]

राजकन्या n. princess

राजकाज n. government work, administration

राजकाजी adj. relating to government, relating to administration

राजकार्य n. public affair, affairs of state, governance

राजकुमार n. prince

राजकुमारी n. princess

राजकुमारी n. princess

राजतन्त्र n. monarchy, monarchical system of government

राजदरबार n. the king's palace

राजदूत n. ambassador

राजदूतावास n. embassy

राजधानी n. capital

राजनीति n. politics, political science

राजनीतिक adj. political

राजनीतिक लाभ n. political importance

राजनीतिज्ञ n. politician

राजनैतिक adj. political

राजनैतिक गतिविधि political movement

राजपरिषद n. council of state

राजप्रसाद n. palace

राजवंशी n. Rajvanshi [a Nepali nationality]

राजस्व n. revenue, royalty

राजहास n. swan

राजा n. king, ruler, sovereign rajaharuma

राजी adj. willing, pleased, desirous, content, complacent

राजीखुशी n. willingness, acceptance with much pleasure

राजीनामा n. agreement, compromise

राज्य n. kingdom, state, territory

राज्यधिकार n. power of the state, jura regia

राज्यवती n. Rajyavati [mother of Licchavi king Manadeva I]

राढी n. coarse wollen rug

रात n. night

रात पर्छ it's getting dark

राति adv. at night

रातो adj. red

रातो माटो n. red clay to paint the wall

रानी n. queen

राप n. heat of the sun, heat of the fire

राम्रो adj. good, beautiful

रायाको साग n. mustard greens [large]

राष्ट्र n. nation

राष्ट्रनायक n. head of state

राष्ट्रभाषा n. national language, language of the nation

राष्ट्रवाद n. nationalism

राष्ट्रवादी n./adj. a nationalist, nationalistic

राष्ट्रिय adj. national

राष्ट्रिय जागरण national awakening rastriya rastra

राहत n. comfort, relief

रिझ n. gladness, happiness, contentment

रित्तिनु v.i. to be emptied

रित्तो adj. empty, hollow

रिस n. anger, wrath, irritation

रिसाउनु v.i. to be angry, to get irritated

रिसाएको adj. angry

रिहाई n. release, acquittal, deliverance, discharge, setting free

रीति-थिति n. social customs

रुग्ण adj. ill, sick, unwell, indisposed, motbid, diseased

रुघा n. cold, catarrh, chill

रुन मन लाग्नु to feel like to wep

रुनु v.i. to weep, to cry

रुपिया n. Rupee

रुवाउनु v.i. to cause to weep

रुवाण्डा n. Ruanda

रूचि n. interest, liking, taste

रूप n. countenance, look, form, shape, aspect, beauty, guise, semblance, appearance

रूपान्तर n. transformation, transition, change of form, metamorphosis, translation, conversion

रूपी postp. having the form of, having the shape of

रेल n. rail

रैती n. tenant, leaseholder, farmer

रैथाने n. local inhabitant, aboriginee

रोक n. prohibition, restriction, interdict

रोकिनु v.i. to be stopped, to be hindered

रोक्नु v.t. to prohibit, to obstruct, to hinder, to prevent, to stop

रोग n. sickness, disease, illness, ailment

रोगी n. sick person

रोजगार n. business, trade, employment, profession, occupation

रोटी n. bread [made of flour and water without yeast]

रोध n. onbstruction, obstacle, hindrance

रौं n. hair of the body

लक्खन adj. one hundred thousand, 1.00.000

लक्ष adj. one hundred thousand, 1.00.000

लक्ष्माीप्रसाद देवकोटा n. Lakshmi Prasad Devkota [a famous Nepali poet]

लक्ष्य n. aim, target, goal

लगभग adv. about, nearly, approximately, almost

लगाउनु v.t. to use, to put on, to wear,

लगाएको adj. used

लगानी n. investment

लगायत postp. including, together with

लघु-कथा n. short story

लघुकथा n. short story

लज्जा n. shame, shyness, dishonour, ignominy, scandal, disgrace

लटनपटन n. deceit, fraud

लटरम्म adj. in bunches, in clusters

लडाईं n. war, battle, fighting, strife

लड्नु v.i./v.t. to fight, to struggle, to fall down

लपक्क adv. adhering, attaching, stricking

लप्सी n. a kind of sour fruit

लमतन्न adj. prostrate, stretched out

लमाइ n. length

लम्कनु v.i. to walk with long steps, to stride

लम्पसार adj. prostrate, stretched out

लम्बा adj. long

लर्बरिनु v.i. to reel, to stagger, to sway

ललितपुर n. Lalitpur, Patan [a neighbouring town of Kathmandu]

लसुन n. garlic

लहड n. entertainment, diversion of mind, amusement, joke

लहड आउनु to wish

लहर n. ripple, small wave, surge, undulation

लाइहेर्नु v.t. to try on [clothes]

लाउनु v.t. to put on (clothes), to ware

लाख num. one hundred thousand, 1.00.000

लागु adj. intoxicating, exciting

लाग्नु v.i. to appear, to begin, to start, to join

लाचार adj. unable, helpless, obliged

लाज n. shame, shyness, modesty

लाटो adj. dumb

लात्ती n. kick

लानु v.t. to take away, to remove

लान्छना n. stigma, blame, slander

लाभ n. value, profit, gain, earning, advantage

लाम n. a long line, a queue

लामो adj. long

लाम्खुट्टे n. mosquito

लाश n. carcass, dead body

लिखत adj. written

लिखित adj. written

लिगलिगे n. uvula

लिङ्ग n. gender [gram.]

लिच्छवि n. Licchavi [an early ruling dynasty of the Kathmandu valley]

लिच्छविकाल n. Licchavi era

लिनु v.t. to take, to acquire, to accept

लिपि n. script, writing, handwriting

लिम्बू n. Limbu [a Nepali nationality]

लिलम n. auction

लीला n. a play, amusement, diversion

लुगा n. clothes, clothing luga

लुगा धूनु v.t. wash clothes luga

लुगा लगाउनु v.t. put on clothes luga

लुगा लाउनु v.t. put on clothes luga phernu

लेक n. hilly region, the higher slope of a mountain

लेख n. prose composition, writing, essay, article

लेखक n. author, writer

लेखनाथ पौड्याल n. Lekh Nath Paudyal [a famous Nepali poet]

लेखपढ n. reading and writing, study

लेखिनु v.i. to be written

लेनिनवाद n. Leninism

लैजानु v.t. to carry, to take away

लोक n. world, the three worlds [heaven, earth, hell], people

लोकतन्त्र n. democracy

लोग्ने n. husband [common]

लोग्नेमानिस n. man, male person

लोग्नेमान्छे n. man, male person

लोभ n. greed, covetousness, temptation

लोभी adj. greedy, stingy, covetous

लोहोठा n. a small metal water-pot

लौरो n. stick

ल्याउनु v.t. to bring, to fetch

ल्वाङ n. clove

वक्तब्य n. speech, statement, topic

वगत n. universe, the world

वचन n. speech, utterance, talk

वज्राचार्य n. Vajracharya, Bajracharya, a tantric guru, a Buddhist priest

वन उपभोक्ता समूह n. forest users group

वन बिरालो n. wild cat

वनको धान n. forest resources

वरदान n. boon

वरिपरि adv. all round, round about, on all sides

वर्ग n. class, kind, series, row varga

वर्ग मील n. square mile

वर्गहीन adj. classless vargahin

वर्गहीन समाज n. classless society

वर्णन n. description, narration, encomium

वर्तमान adj. current, existing, modern, current time, present time

वर्ष n. year

वर्षा n. rains, rainy season, monsoon

वंश n. clan, pedigree, dynasty, lineage, birth, family, tribe, generation

वसन्त n. spring

वस्तु n. thing, item, substance, article, property; cattle

वस्तुतः adv. in reality

वाणिज्य n. trade, commerce, business vanko

वातावरण n. condition, surrounding, environment, circumstances, situation

वाद n. theory, dispute, controversy

वाभोज n. picknick

वामपन्थी n./adj. leftist

वार्ता n. discourse, account, conversation, topic, talk, dialogue

वार्तालाप n. dialogue, conversation, talk, discourse

वासी n. inhabitant, dweller

वास्तविक adj. in reality, essential, genuine, true, virtual

वास्तविकता n. reality, truth

विकट adj. dreadful, difficult, hideous

विकसित adj. developed

विकास n. development, expansion, evolution

विकासित adj. developed

विकृति n. deformation, defilement, mutilation, defect

विकेन्द्रीकरण n. decentralization

विखण्डन n. fission, breaking up, splitting up, fragmentation

विखण्डित adj. divided, separated, split up, cut off, broken

विगत adj. past, gone away

विघटन n. break up, dissolution, destruction

विचलन n. departure, deviation, moving about, unsteadiness

विचार n. consideration, observation, notion, idea, judgement

विजय n. victory, triumph, conquest

विजया n. the goddess Durga, the Durga Puja festival

विजया दशमी n. the Dashara festival, the Dasain festival

विजयी n./adj. victor, conqueror, vanquisher; victorious, triumphant

विजेता n. conqueror, victor, one who has achieved victory

विज्ञान n. acquired knowledge, conscience, wisdom, understanding, science

विदित adj. known, understood, acquainted

विदेश n. foreign country

विदेशी n. foreigner videshi

विदेशी सहायता n. foreign aid

विद्या n. knowledge, learning, attainment

विद्याभ्यास n. study, habit of study, practice of learning

विद्यारम्भ n. initiation into one's studies with religious solemnities, the beginning of reading an writing

विद्यार्थी n. student

विद्यार्थी गतिविधि n. student movement

विद्यालय n. school, college, academy, seminary

विद्याश्रम n. boarding school

विद्युत n. electricity

विद्रोह n. revolt, rebellion, mutiny, treason

विद्वान n./adj. scholar; learned, wise

विधान n. legislation, act, law, ordinance, regulation, rule

विधि n. method, procedure, law, rule, prescript

विधिपूर्वक adv. duly, methodically, systematically

विधिवत adv. duly, methodically, systematically, in conformity with rules, as prescribed by law

विधेयक n. bill [in a legislature]

विनाश n. destruction, ruin, disaster, loss

विपÌ adj. distressed, afflicted, fallen into calamity, in a critical state

विपरीत adj. opposit, contrary, reverse, adverse, hostile

विफल adj. fruitless, useless, unsuccessful

विभाग n. section, part, department

विभागीय adj. departmental, related to the department

विभाजन n. section, part, department

विभिÌ adj. various, diverse, different kinds of

विमान n. airplane, airship

विमानस्थल n. airfield, airstrip

विरह n. separation, parting, estrangement; loss

विरुद्ध postp. against, opposed, opposite, contrary, adverse, hostile

विरोध n. dissension, discrepancy, hostility, discord, objection, antagonism

विलायत n. foreign land, foreign country, Europe, England

विलास n. luxury, enjoyment, luxurious life, sensuous pleasure, pleasure with the opposite sex

विवरण n. description, account, statement

विवश adj. dependent, helpless, subjected

विवाद n. discussion, debate, dispute, altercation, quarrel, controvercy

विवाह n. marriage, wedding, matrimony

विविध adj. different, diverse, various, miscellaneous

विविधता n. diversity, variety, variation

विशाल adj. big, very big, gigantic, extensive, large, palatiol, huge, great

विशिष्ट adj. conspicuous, remarkable, important, distinguished, extraordinary

विशेष adv. extraordinary, unusual, special, distinguished, famous

विशेष अदालत n. special court vishes

विशेष नाम n. proper name

विशेषज्ञ n. expert

विशेषण n. adjective

विशेष्य n. substantive; a noun with an adjective qualifying it

विश्व n. universe, the whole world

विश्वयूद्ध n. world war

विश्वविद्यालय n. university

विश्वसनीय adj. trustworthy, reliable, creditable

विश्वसनीयता n. trustworthiness, reliability, creditability

विश्वास n. belief, trust, faith, reliance, confidence, assurance

विश्वासपात्र n. reliable person, confidant

विषय n. subject, topic, article

विषय-क्रम n. contents, table of contents

विषय–प्रवेश n. introduction

विषयप्रवेश n. introduction, preface, foreword, preliminary

विषयवस्तु n. subject matter, something discussed

विषयान्तर n. an outside subject, another topic

विषाक्त adj. toxic, poisonous, venomous, vituperative

विषालु adj. toxic, poisonous, venomous, vituperative

विष्कम्भक n. interlude (in a drama)

विस्तार n. extension, expansion, extent; spread

विस्तारित adj. expanded, enlarged

विस्फोट n. outburst, explosion, eruption; smallpox

विस्फोटक adj. explosive

विस्मयादिबोधक n. interjection

विहीन postp. devoid of, deprived of, destitute of

विहीनता n. missing, non-existence

वीर adj. brave, courageous, heroic, gallant

वृक्ष n. tree

वृक्षारोपण n. tree plantation

वृद्ध adj. old, aged, advanced in years, mature; ancient

वृद्धावस्था n. old age

वृद्धि n. progress, increase, increment, rise, growth, enlargement

वृषदेव n. Vrishadeva [name of a Licchavi king, great- grandfather of Manadeva I]

वृहस्पतिवार n. Thursday

वेद n. Veda

वेला n. time

वेश्या n. prostitute, whore, harlot

वैचारिक adj. ideological

वैधानिक adj. constitutional, according to the constitution

वैशाख n. first month of the Nepali year [April-May]

श, ष, स, ह, क्ष, त्र, ज्ञ[सम्पादन]

शंकरदेव n. Shankaradeva [a Licchavi king, grandfather of Manadeva I]

शंकालु adj. suspicious, questionable, prone to suspicion, vague

शक्त adj. able, capable, strong, vigorous, energetic, hard, firm

शक्ति n. strength, power, prowess, capability, calibre, vigour, energy

शक्तिपरीक्षण n. trial of strength

शक्तिमान adj. powerful, capable, mighty, vigorous

शक्तिशाली adj. powerful, strong

शक्तिहीन adj. powerless, impotent, enervated

शङ्का n. doubt, suspicion, apprehension

शतक adj. hundred, 100

शताब्द n. century

शताब्दी n. century

शत्रु n. enemy

शत्रुता n. enmity, hostility

शनिवार n. Saturday

शब्द n. word

शब्दकोष n. dictionary

शरण n. protection, shelter

शरणार्थी n. refugee, shelter-seeker

शरत n. early autumn

शरद n. early autumn

शरीर n. body

शव n. corpse

शस्त्र n. weapon, arms, tool, instrument

शहर n. town

शहरीकरण n. urbanization shahi

शान्त adj. calm, quiet, mild, serene, pacific, grave, silent

शामिल adj. assembled, gathered

शामेल adj. assembled, gathered together, united together

शायद adv. perhaps, maybe

शासक n. administrator, ruler, governor

शासकीय adj. governmental, administrative, public

शासन n. command, authority, governance, reign

शासन परिवर्तन n. coup, putsch

शासन-प्रणाली n. government, constitution

शासनकर्ता n. administrator, ruler, governor

शासनकाल n. term of office, reign

शासनपतन्त्र n. government, constituion

शासनपद्धति n. polity, system of government

शासना n. punishment, suppression

शासित adj. ruled, administered, governed; punished

शाहीद n. martyr

शिकारीको स्वर्ग n. hunting paradise

शिक्षक n. teacher

शिक्षण n. teaching, instruction, education

शिक्षा n. education

शिथिलता n. feebleness, weakness, looseness, laxity

शिर n. head, crest, noddle, summit, top of anything

शिष्ट adj. gentle, polite, mannerly, civil, wellbred, refined, trained

शिष्य n. student, pupil, disciple

शुकवार n. Friday

शुक्रवार n. Friday

शुक्ल पक्ष comp. the moonlit half of a lunar month

शुद्ध adj. pure, genuine, chaste, uncontaminated, clear, uncorrupted, unadulterated

शुरू n. start, beginning

शुरू गर्नु to start, to begin

शून्य n./adj. empty, nill, zero

शूर adj. hero, warrior, champion

शेर्पा n. Sherpa [a Nepali nationality]

शोभा n. beauty, handsomeness, magnificence, elegance, lustre, replendence

शोष n. suction, drying up, withering, dryness, absorption, sucking

शोषक adj. absorbent, withering

शोषण n. suction, drying up, withering, dryness, absorption, sucking, exploitation

शोषित adj. exploited

शौचालय n. rest room, toilet

श्यार्पा n. Sherpa [a Nepali nationality]

श्रम n. hard labour, toil, exertion

श्रावण n. fourth month of the Nepali year [July-August]

श्री n. Mr., Mrs., Ms., Miss

श्रीमती n. wife

श्रीमान n. husband

श्रीलङ्का n. Sri Lanka

श्रोत र साधन n. resources

श्लोक n. verse, stanza, poetry, couplet

षड्यन्त्र n. conspiracy, plot, intrigue

संकठ n. distress, peril, caöamity, agony

सकभर adv. as much as possible

सकली adj. original, true, pure, good, genuine

सकेसम्म चाडो comp. as fast as possible, as soon as possible

सक्नु v.t. to be able; to finish, to complete

संक्रमणकाल n. transitional period

सक्षम adj. capable, competent

संख्यबोधक adj. numerical [grammar]

संख्यामात्रबोधक n. cardinal number

संगठनात्मक adj. organizational

सगर n. sky, heaven

सगरखन्ड n. sweet potato

सगरमाथा n. Sagarmatha, Chomolungma, Mount Everest

सगाउनु v.t. to help, to assist, to aid

सग्लो adj. whole, complete, undivided

संघ n. assembly, association, multitude, monastery

संघर्ष n. struggle, conflict, strife, friction

सघाउनु v.t. to help, to assist, to aid

सङ postp. with, along with

सङसङै adj. together

सङै लानु v.t. to take along, to take away

सङ्कट n. hint, symbol, gesture, sign

सङ्कलन n. collection, compilation

सङ्कल्प n. solemn promise, resolve, solution, determination

सङ्गठन n. organization, union, league

सङ्गठनिक adj. organizational

संचालन n. managing, directing

सचिवालय n. secretariat

सचीव n. secretary, advisor, companion

सचेतक n. whip

सजा n. punishment, confinement, penalty

सजाय n. punishment, confinement, penalty

सजिलो adj. easy, simple

सञ्चरण n. movement, motion

सञ्चलन n. movement

सञ्चार n. movement, motion

सञ्चालित adj. managed, conducted, directed

सटनी n. change, exhange, interchange

सटही n. exchange of currency

सट्टा n. speculation

सट्टा n. change, exhange, interchange

सडक n. road [metalled]

सतह n. surface, level

सतहत्तर num. seventy-seven, 77

सतासी num. eighty-seven, 87

सती n. Sati, virtuous wife, chaste woman, faithful woman

सत् n. existence, essence, substance, goodness

सत्चालीस num. forty-seven

सत्तरी num. seventy, 70

सत्ताईस num. twenty-seven, 27

सत्तारुढ adj. ruling, wielding power

सत्य adj. true, real, right, veritable, correct, honest

सत्र num. seventeen, 17

सत्सट्ठी num. sixty-seven, 67

सदन n. residence, house, assembly hall

सदर n. acceptance, approval, sanction

सदर उपत्यका n. central valley

सदश्य n. member

सदश्यहरूप्रति दमन-नीति n. politics of oppression towards members

सदस्य n. member

सदस्यता n. membership

सदिच्छा n. good wishes, good will

सदुपयोग n. utilization

सद्भावना n. friendship

सधैं adv. always

सन n. jute

सन्त n. mendicant, ascetic, pious person, devotee

सन्त-महन्त n. holy men

सन्ताउन्न num. fifty-seven, 57

सन्तान n. family, extended family, lineage, genealogy, offsoring, children, breeding

सन्तान-निग्रह n. birth control, family planning

सन्तान-निरोध n. birth control, family planning

सन्तानब्बे num. ninety-seven, 97

सन्तुलन n. equalization, making equal

सन्दर्भ n. treatise, a collection of anthology, formation, construction; context, appendage, expansion

सन्दर्भ-सुची n. bibliography

सन्देश n. information, news, message; command; gift present

सफल adj. successful, effective, fruitful

सफलता n. success, achievement

सफलीभूत adj. successful

सफा adj. clean, clear, pure, transparent

सब adj. all, everything

सबूत n. proof, evidence, testimony, demonstration

सबेर adj. early

सबेरै adv. early

सबै भन्दा of all

सबैजसो pron. almost all

सभा n. assembly, meeting, gathering

सभापति n. chairman [of a meeting, organization or party]

सभ्यता n. civilization, civility, politeness, courtesy, good manner

समक्ष postp. before, in front of,

समग्र adj. whole, all, entire, complete

समतल adj. plain, level, smooth, even, flat; moderate

समता n. equalness, similarity, evenness

समन्वय n. combination, union, uniformity, harmony, natural succession

समय n. time, period, season, opportunity, leisure, occasion

समर्थ adj. mighty, powerful, strong, able

समर्थक n./adj. supporter, vindicator; supporting

समर्थता n. capability, competence

समर्थन n. support, ratification, corroboration

समर्पण n. offering, dedication, surrender, deliverynce, disposal, assignment

समष्टि n. collectiveness, totality, aggregate

समष्टिगत adv. collectively

समस्त adj. whole, entire, all

समस्य n. problem, dilemma

समस्याग्रस्त adj. problematic

समाचार n. news, information

समाज n. society

समाज शास्त्र n. sociology

समाधान n. solving the problem, cracking the nuts, removel of doubts

समान adj. similar, equal, alike, uniform, equivalent, identical, tantamount

समानता n. equality, equivalence, parity, similarity, likeness

समाप्त adj. finished, completed, accomplished

समालोचना n. review

समिति n. committee

समुच्चय n. assemblage, mass, collection

समुदाय n. collection, assemblage, group

समुद्र n. sea, ocean

समुद्र–सतह n. sea level

समुन्नति n. progress, development, elevation, rise

समुायवाचक नाम n. collective noun, generic term

समूह n. collection, assemblage, group

समूहिक adj. collective

समृद्ध adj. important

समेत postp. with, together with,

सम्चार n. news, information

सम्झना n. remembrance, reminiscence, memory

सम्धिनी n. son's mother-in-law, daughter's mother-in-law

सम्धी n. son's father-in-law, daughter's father-in-law

सम्पन्न adj. rich, well-off, prosperous, wealthy, well-to-do

सम्पर्क n. company, association, union

सम्पादक n. editor

सम्पादकीय adj. editorial sampadakiya sahayak ;DkfbsLo

सम्पूर्ण adj. complete, whole, entire, all, total, perfect, finished

सम्प्रदाय n. sect, religious society, mode, tradition, usage, custom

सम्बन्ध n. relation, relationship, connection, association, affinity

सम्बन्धी suff. related with, pertaining to sambandhi

सम्बन्धी सर्वनाम n. relative pronoun

सम्बल n. support

सम्बोधन n. address, calling aloud; vocative case

सम्भवतः adv. possible, in all probability

सम्भावना n. possibility, probability

सम्भ्रान्त adj. perplexed, confused, bewildered

सम्म postp. upto, as far as

सम्मत adv. unanimous, agreeing, agreed to, approved, sanctioned, permitted

सम्मति n. opinion, consent, approval, permission, acceptance, assent

सम्मीलित adj. with eyes shut, with eyes closed, covered

सम्मेलन n. meating, conference

सम्म्याउनु v.t. to level, to make plain

सम्राट् n. emperor, sovereign, king of the kings

सय num. hundred, 100

संयुक्त राष्ट्र संघ United Nations Organization

संयोजिक n. conjunction

सरकार n. government, administration

सरकारी adj. governmental, public, official, administrative

सरकारी भाषा n. official language

संरक्षक n. keeper, preserver, guardian

संरक्षण n. guardianship, patronage, protection, conservation, tutelage

संरचना n. structure, composition, anatomy

सरल adj. easy, simple, plain, straightforward, upright, sincere

सरह adj. similar, like, resembling, on equal footing

सराप्नु v.t. to curse

सरिफा n. custard-apple

सर्नु v.i. to move, to spread

सर्प n. snake

सर्व adj. all, entire, whole, complete

सर्वजन pron. everybody

सर्वतोमुखि adj. universal, all pervading

सर्वनाम n. pronoun

सर्वश्रेष्ठ adj. best of all, preeminent, highest, supreme, paramount

सर्वस्व n. entire property, everything

सर्वहारा n. proletariat

सर्वेक्षण n. survey

सर्वेसर्वा adj. all-in-all, supreme, chied of all

सलबलाउनु v.i. to move restlessly

सलह n. locust

सलाई n. matches salaiko

सलाई बट्टा n. match-box

सल्लाह n. consultation, advice, counsel, conference, deliberation

सल्लाहकार advisor, consultant

संवद्र्धन n. rearing, breeding, fostering

सवा adj. a quarter past

सवाल n. question, plumb, a laden weight on a line

संविधान n. constitution

संवेदनशील adj. sensitive, sensible, feeling

संवेधानिक adj. constitutional

सशक्त adj. potential, powerful, strong, forceful

सशस्त्र adj. armed, equipped with arms

संशोधन n. correction, purification, refinement, revision, amendment

संशोधित adj. corrected, amended, revised

संसद n. parliament

ससुरा n. father-in-law

ससुरो n. father-in-law

संस्करण n. correction, act of refining; edition

संस्कार n. reformation, initiation, purification

संस्कृत n. Sanskrit

संस्कृतमय adj. sanskritized, full of Sanskrit

संस्कृति n. culture, customs, tradition

संस्कृतिक adj. cultural

सस्तो adj. cheap

संस्था n. institution, establishment

संस्थागत adj. institutional

संस्थान n. institution, establishment, corporation

संस्थापन n. establishment, founding, initiation, inauguration, foundation

संस्मरण n. recollection, memory, remembrance

सहन n. endurance, enduring, bearing

सहनु v.t. to forbear, to endure, to brook, to sustain, to withstand

सहभागिता n. participation

सहभागी n. partner, accomplice

सहमत n./adv. agreement, of one and the same mind or opinion

सहमति n. agreement, concurrence, content

सहयोग n. cooperation

सहयोग समिति n. cooperative society

सहयोगी n. colleague, supporter, assistant, friend

सहलेखक n. co-author

सहस्राब्दी n. millennium

सहाय n. help, assistance, support

सहायक n. assistant, helper, colleague sahayak

सहायक नदी n. tributary (river)

सहायता n. help, assistance, support

सहारा n. help, assistance, support

सा adj. that, that one, he, she

साउन n. fourth month of the Nepali year [July-August]

साउवार n. Monday

साक्षर adj. literate

साक्षरता n. literacy

सागपात n. (leafy) vegetables

सागर n. ocean, sea

सागसब्वी n. vegetables

सागुरो adj. narrow

साघु n. wooden bridge (of a log or planks), small bridge (usually made of bamboos or planks of wood)

साङ्केतिक adj. token, nominal, symbolic, indicative

साङ्लो n. roach

साचो n./adj. 1. key; true, sincere, genuine, real

साझ adv. in the evening

साझ पर्यो it became evening

साझा n. cooperative, joint enterprise

साढे n. bull

साढे adj. half past

सात num. seven

साता n. week, period of seven days

सातु n. flour of dryfried corn

सातोपुग्लो n. spirit, presence of mind

सातौं adj. seventh

साथ postp. with, including

साथी n. friend, companion sathi

साधन n. material, resource, medium, means, equipment

साधना n. devotes labour or striving, object of devotion; controlling spirit or ghost by reciting sacred verses;

साधारण adj. common, simple, general sadharan

साधारण सभा n. general assembly

साना बुवा n. mother's younger sister's husband

सानी आमा n. mother's younger sister

सानु adj. small, little, inferior

सानू adj. small, little, inferior

सानो adj. small, little, inferior sanp

साबिक adj. former, previous

साबुन n. soap

साबुनको गाज n. soap foam sabunko

साबुनको फिंज n. soap foam

सामन्ती adj. feudal, feudatory

सामाजिक adj. social

सामाज्वाद n. socialism

सामाज्वादी n./adj. socialist samajvadi rajya

सामान n. things, materials, apparatus, tools, belongings, appliances

सामान्य adj. ordinary, general, common, usual, trivial, insignificant

सामान्य नाम n. generic term

सामान्य लिङ्ग n. double gender samanya

सामीन्य adj. simple, common

सामु postp. before, in front of, opposite, facing

सामुदायिक adj. collective, pertaining to community

साम्यतन्त्र n. communism

साम्यवाद n. communism

साम्यवादी n./adj. communist

सार n. substance, essence, kernel, purport, chief part, vigour, spirit

सारङ्गी n. Sarangi, a kind of violin

सारा adj. all, whole, entire, complete

सार्नु v.t. to move, to remove, to shift, to copy, to infect

सार्वजनिक adj. public

सार्वनामिक adj. pronominal sarvapracin

सारी' n. Saree, a garment worn by woman

साल n. year [of vikram samvat]

सालाखाला adj. on the average

सालाना adj. annually, every year, yearly

सालिक n. statue, effigy, idol, image

सालिग n. statue, effigy, idol, image

सालिन्दा adj. annually, every year

साली n. wife's younger sister

सालो n. wif's younger brother

सासना n. punishment, suppression

सासू n. mother-in-law

साहित्य n. literature

साहित्यकार n. writer, author

साहित्यशास्त्र n. poetics, rhetoric, literature

साहित्यिक adj. literary

साहिंलो n. third eldest [of brothers]

साहु n. merchant, trader, money- lender, banker

साहुनी n. shopkeeper (female)

साहू n. shopkeeper, merchant, trader, businessman, moneylender

सिउनु v.i. to sew, to stitch

सिउने कल n. sewing machine

सिक्किम n. Sikkim

सिक्नु v.t. to learn

सिंगापुर Singapur

सिंचाइ n. watering, irrigation

सिञ्चित adj. irrigated, drenched

सित postp. with, along with siune

सिंदूर n. vermilion, lead powder

सिंदूरे adj. scarlet, vermilion-coloured

सिद्धान्त n. doctrine, tenet, established truth

सिद्धि n. perfection, accomplishment, maturity, fulfilment, victory

सिद्ध्याउनु v.t. to finish, to complete, to kill

सिन्की n. soured raddish, fermented raddish

सिपालु adj. skilful, experienced, clever, skilled

सिपाही n. soldier

सिफारिश n. recommendation, letter of

सिंबी n. bean

सिमाना n. boundary, border, limit, landmark

सिमी n. bean

सियो n. needle

सिरक n. quilt

सिरानी n. pillow

सिर्जना n. creation, formation, construction

सिलिङ n. ceiling

सिल्बर n. aluminium

सिंह n. lion

सिंहासन n. throne, lion's seat

सीप n. handicraft, handiwork, art, craft, arts and crafts, skill

सीमा n. boundary, border, limit, landmark

सीमित adj. limited, restricted

सीसा n. lead

सुकुटी n. dried meat, jerk

सुकुमवासी n./adj. a homeless person, homeless

सुकुल n. a kind of straw mat, a person of high or respectable family

सुक्ति n. good saying, beautiful sentence

सुखिया adj. pleasure loving, pleasant, happy

सुखी adj. happy, pleased, delighted

सुंगुर n. pig, hog

सुंढ n. trunk (of an elephant) snout

सुत्नु v.i. to sleep, to go to sleep, to go to bed, to lie down

सुत्ने कोठा n. bed room

सुदृढ adv. very strong, very firm, very rigid

सुधार n. improvement, reform, reformation, correction, amendment, renovationr

सुधारक n. reformer, improver, disciplinarian

सुधार्नु v.t. to correct, to reform, to amend, to make better

सुन n. gold

सुनाउनु v.t. to make others hear, to tell

सुनुवार n. Sunuwar [a Nepali nationality]

सुनौलो adj. golden

सुन्तला n. tangerine

सुन्तले adj. orange-coloured

सुन्दर adj. beautiful, nice, pretty, charming

सुपारी n. areca nut, betel nut

सुबिस्ता n. easiness, comfort

सुबिस्ताको adj. comfortable, easy

सुरुवा n. meat broth, meat soup

सुर्ती n. tobacco

सुविधा n. facility, convenience

सुविस्ता n. easiness, comfort

सुशासन n. good government, good rule, good administration

सुश्री n. Miss

सुसंगत well associated, well accompanied; reasonable

सुसंगता n. good association, good companionship

सुसंगति n. good companionship

सुसज्जित adj. well adorned, well prepared

सुसेलो n. whistling, sighing; whistling sound made by the wind, sound produced by water while flowing

सुसेल्नु v.t. to whistle

सुस्त adj. lazy, slow, idle, tardy, inactive

सूगा n. parrot

सूचना n. notice, notification, information, advertisement, indication, hint

सूचनापत्र n. advertisement, notice

सूचि n. needle, a pointed piece of iron, goad, prong

सूची n. liste, table, index, catalogue

सूझाउ n. suggestion, advice, counsel

सूझाव n. suggestion, advice, counsel

सूत्रपात n. beginning, commencement

सूर्य n. sun

सेकाउनु v.t. to roast, to warm up

सेकुवा n. roasted meat

सेतो adj. white

सेपिलो adj. shaded, dark

सेलरोटी n. Nepalese doughnut made of rice flour

सेलाउनु v.t. to cool

सेवन n. service, attendance, worship

सेवा n. service, attendance, worship

सैंतीस num. thirty-seven, 37

सैद्धान्तिक adj. according top principle, theoretical

सैनिक adj. military

सैनिक विमान n. military plane

सोच्नु v.t. to think, to ponder, to consider

सोझो adj. straigt, straigtforward, honest

सोधखोज n. research program, research project

सोपान n. steps, ladder, staircase

सोभिता n. cobalt

सोमवार n. Monday

सोह्र num. sixteen, 16

सौता n. co-wife

सौन्दर्य beauty, charm, pretiness

सौर्य adj. solar

स्कूलमा पढ्नु comp. to go to school

स्टेशन n. station

स्तन n. breast

स्तम्भ n. column

स्तव n. praise, admiration; prayer, hymn

स्तुति n. praise, glorification, eulogy, admiration; hymn of praise, invocation, solemn prayer

स्त्रीलिङ्ग n. female [grammar]

स्थगित adj. postpones, adjourned

स्थान n. place, spot, site, position, house

स्थानीय adj. local, territorial, regional, topical

स्थापन n. establishment, foundation, setting up, creation, planting, placing

स्थापना n. establishment, foundation, setting up, creation, planting, placing

स्थापित adj. propounded, founded, established, instituted, set up, fixed, placed, erected, installed

स्थायित्व n. permanence, durability, sustainment

स्थायी adj. pßermanent, stationary, fast, durable, lasting, stable, steady

स्थिति n. place, position, circumstance, condition, phase, equilibrium

स्थिर adj. stable, firm, fixed, permanent, constant, steadfast, immovable, determined, patient

स्थिरता n. immobility, steadiness, stability, constancy, immutability, patience

स्थिरत्वा n. immobility, steadiness, stability, constancy, immutability, patience

स्नान n. bath

स्नानकोठा n. bathroom

स्पष्ट adj. distinct, clear, intelligible, lucid, apparent, evident

स्मरण–पत्र n. reminder, memorandum

स्मारिका n. monument, memorial; commemorative volume

स्मृति n. memory, remembrance, memento

स्मृति–पत्र n. reminder, memorandum

स्याउ n. apple

स्याल n. jackal

स्रस्ता n. book-keeping, account, register book

स्रोत n. current, stream, channel, water course, source of income

स्वच्छ adj. clean, clear, pure, transparent

स्वतः adj. voluntarily, spontaneous, of one's own accord

स्वतन्त्र adj. free

स्वतन्त्रता n. freedom, independence svatantrata

स्वतन्त्रता दिवस n. independence day

स्वभाव n. habit, nature, temperament, character

स्वभावतः adv. naturally, by nature

स्वभाविक adj. natural, by nature

स्वयं adj. personally, self

स्वयम adv. personally, self

स्वर n. voice, sound, tune, tone, vowel

स्वरूप n. shape, form, apperarance

स्वर्ग n. heaven, paradise, sky, heavens; a beautiful place,

स्वर्गवास n. death, passing away

स्वस्थ adj. healthy

स्वाद n. taste

स्वाधीन adj. independent, free, self- governing, autonomous

स्वाधीनता n. independence, freedom, autonomy

स्वामी n. master, owner, lord, proprietor, husband

स्वायत्त adj. autonomous, under one's control

स्वायत्त शासन n. autonomy, self-government

स्वायत्तता n. autonomy

स्वायत्तशासी adj. autonomous

स्वायम्भूनाथ n. Swayambhunath svayamev

स्वास्थ्य n. health

स्वास्नी n. wife [common]

स्वास्नीमान्छे n. woman

स्वीकार n. acceptance, confession, assent, agreement

स्वीकृत adj. accepted, agreed, consented, conferred

स्वीकृति n. acceptance, sanction, approbation, acknowledgement, consent

हक n. right, authority, claim

हच्कनु v.i. to get frightened, to hesitate, to be scared

हजार num. one thousand, 1,000

हजुरआमा n. grandmother

हजुरबा n. grandfather [rural]

हजुरबुवा n. grandfather

हजुरमुमा n. grandmother [upper class]

हट्नु v.i. to retreat, to go away, to get out of the way

हडताल n. strike, picket

हड्प n. confiscation, taking one's property illegally, misappropriation

हतियार n. weapon

हत्केलो n. palm

हत्तेरी adv. word used for expressing surprise or sorrow

हत्या n. murder, killing, slaughter

हब्बा n. might, power, capacity, strength

हब्बे n. might, power, capacity, strength

हमला n. attack, invasion, assault

हर adj. every, everyone haraunu

हर्ताकर्ता n. one who is all in all, the Almighty

हलुका adj. light (in weight)

हलुको adj. light [weight]

हलुङ्गो adj. light [weight]

हलुवा n. a type of food, flour boiled in water and mixed with butter and sugar

हलुवाबेद n. a kind of sweet fruit

हल्ला n. noise, turmoil, uproar, tumult

हवन n. fire sacrifice

हवस् OK [a word to indicate obedience]

हवा n. air, wind, breeze

हवाई adj. airy, relating to air havai

हवाई जहाज n. airplane

हवाई मार्ग n. air route

हवाई-डाक n. air letter, aerograph

हंस n. soul, vital air, life; duck, swan, goose

हंसाउनु v.t. to cause to laugh

हसिलो adj. humerous, cheerful, frolicsome, jolly, jovial, gay, merry

हसेउली n. laughter, joke, jest, fun, spott

हस्तकला n. handicraft, hand-work

हस्तक्षेप n. interference, interruption

हस्तगत adj. received, obtained

हस्ताक्षर n. signature, one's own handwriting

हस्सी n. laughter, joke, fun

हाक्नु v.t. to drive, to challenge, to exaggerate

हागो n. branch, offspring

हाड n. bone hade

हाडनाता करणी n. Incest

हाडे बदाम n. almond

हात n. hand

हात आउनु comp. to fall into someone's hands

हात हाल्नु to lend a hand

हात्ती n. elephant

हानिनु v.i. to run very fast, to fly very fast

हान्नु v.t. to strike, to shoot, to jump

हाम्रो pron. our (m.)

हाल n./adj. present time, present condition, description

हालखबर n. news current affair

हाल्नु v.t. to put, to serve

हावा n. air, wind, breeze

हावाजहाज n. aeroplane, airplane

हावापानी n. climate, weather

हाँस n. duck, goose, swan

हाँस-कुखुरा पालन n. poultry farming

हासिल adj. obtained, acquired

हासो n. laughter, laugh

हिउ n. snow

हिजो adv. yesterday hijo

हिजो राती adv. last night

हिजोआज adv. nowadays

हिंड्नु v.i. to walk, to go, to move, to start, to set off

हित n. gain, benefit

हिन्दी n. Hindi

हिम-मरुभूमि n. tundra

हिमरेखा n. snowline

हिमस्रोत भएको नदी n. meltwater river

हिमालय प्रदेश n. Himalayan region

हीन adj. low, vile, inferior, degraded,

हीरा n. diamond

हुक्का n. water pipe, Hookka hulak

हुदि postp. during

हुरी n. strong wind, storm huri

हुरी चल्नु to be stormy

हुलाक अड्ड n. post office

हृदय n. heart, mind, will

हेमन्त n. late autumn, beginning of the cold season

हेरफेर n. change, exchange, alteration, transfer

हेर्नु v.t. to see, to look at, to watch

हैसियत n. ability, status, merit, capacity

होचो adj. short, low

होटेल n. hotel

होडबाजी n. contest, gambling, betting

होश n. sense, sensibility, intelligence

होश गर्नु v.t. to be cautious

होशियार adj. cautious, careful

होशियारी n. cautiousness, carefulness, prudence

ह्योलमो n. Hyolmo [a Nepalese nationality]

क्षत्रीय n. Kshatriya [a type of cast]

क्षयरोग n. Tuberculosis

त्रिशुल n. Trishul[a Sign of Hindus, weapon of God Mahadev]